Metal Beds

Metal beds have long been popular, ensuring there are many traditional styles, and yet it is also possible to find modern styles too from the Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets range. Offering a very sturdy, highly-durable, and comfortable night’s sleep, view our complete range of metal beds online today.

Add some personality with Corcoran’s metal beds

Whatever type of metal bed you are looking for, it will bring a personality of its own. Choose from children’s bunk beds, luxurious king size beds, Victorian era styling, or minimalist designs. Whatever you need we have it at Corcoran’s – shop and browse today to find a perfect metal bed for your home.

Types of metals

A variety of metals are used in metal bed manufacture. These impact aesthetics, durability, and also price. Steel is usually used in the frame for sturdiness whereas popular metals for bed hardware include this as well as bronze, chrome, and nickel.

No need to compromise on style

Whether you have a traditional or modern bedroom, metal beds can perfectly blend in. We have a range of beds here at Corcoran’s. Some metal beds have wrought-iron features and bed knobs from times gone by, whereas others are more modern and minimalist in design with tidy lines. Whatever your décor aesthetic, there will be a metal bed, which suits your style.

Easy to maintain

If you appreciate ease of maintenance, you will love metal beds. Simply wipe them down with a soft or damp cloth periodically to clean. Metal is resistant to water or insect damage and offers long-lasting appeal.

View our products online or in our stores

As well as our website, Corcoran’s also have stores in Kerry and Limerick. This gives you an opportunity to view our dining, living, and bedroom furniture in person if you would like to!

Online, in addition to our bedroom furniture range, you will also find sofas, sideboards, beds and great household furnishings such as vases and photo frames.

Do you need help in selecting a metal bed?

The search for a metal bed should not be an endless task. If you need guidance, call Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets on 064 669 1112 or visit our contact page to complete our contact form. We will be delighted to discuss your options.