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A Guide to Lighting a Modern Bedroom: Desk Lamps, Overhead Lighting, & More

Unlike most rooms in your house, your bedroom is the one place where you spend a significant amount of time in the dark. However, that doesn’t mean you can neglect your bedroom lighting. From getting ready in the morning to relaxing in the evening, you also spend plenty of time in your bedroom where good lighting is key to enjoying the space. 

From desk lights to overhead bulbs, there are a myriad of lighting types to consider in your room. Learn how to create a comfortable, stylish atmosphere for your room with our guide to lighting a modern bedroom. 

Figure out your lighting needs across the room

The best place to start when it comes to bedroom lighting is to decide what functions (apart from sleeping, of course) you need the room to serve. Your bedroom might double as a home office, a place to do your makeup, a yoga or workout space, a cosy reading nook, or a host of other purposes. 

Keeping in mind the multifunctional nature of your bedroom, you will likely want to incorporate an array of lighting to suit your various needs. Desk lamps and task lighting will help you focus in your workspace, vanity lights will offer the brightness you need for a good getting-ready look, and an overhead fixture will create the main source of lighting for the room. 

Layer your lighting for a well-balanced setup

Choosing the right lighting for your bedroom is not only about atmosphere but also about convenience. Start with a main overhead light to brighten up the entire space, then add layers to fit your needs. 

Desk lights or table lamps are great to place on nightstands. You can reach out and turn off the light when you’re ready to go to sleep rather than having to get up and turn off the main light, and they provide the necessary light for reading in bed. 

You can also use smaller light fixtures to add to the ambiance of the room. Pendant lights or wall sconces can bring a soft and inviting feel to your bedroom, or for a more temporary alternative why not string fairy lights across your headboard or along the windowsill? 

Consider warm and cool lighting options

Warm lighting feels natural, promotes relaxation and calmness, and evokes the soft light of evening time. All of this makes warm light bulbs ideal for your bedroom as warm lighting offers exactly the peaceful, zen ambiance you want when you’re winding down for bed. 

You can achieve this look either with warm-toned bulbs or with fabric shades in warm neutrals like cream and blush. 

However, warm lighting may not be the only lighting style you need for your bedroom. 

If you’re applying cosmetics, you will likely want some brighter, neutral options that more accurately reflect the daylight and the outdoors, so you can see what your makeup will look like before you leave the house. Many vanity mirrors offer LED lighting that can even change hue from warm to cool tones so you can see yourself in a variety of lighting. 

Cooler or neutral lighting is also well-suited for desk lamps and other light sources that are less about atmosphere and more about function. Neutral lighting tends to be brighter than its warm counterparts, so it’s ideal in a workspace or reading area. 

Add in extra decorative and functional lights

Once you’ve chosen your primary overhead light, desk lights or floor lamps for your bedside, and secondary light sources that set the mood for your room, there are still other lighting options you may want to consider. 

Track lighting or spotlights facing your wardrobe can help you see all the clothing and accessories you have to choose from, or you can use them to highlight a certain area of your room like a corner with a cosy accent chair. LED lighting strips that frame your room are a popular current home decor trend that combines style and function in lighting up your space. 

Decorative lighting — from fairy lights to wall sconces — are less about providing functional light to your bedroom and more about enhancing that welcoming ambiance that will turn your space into a relaxing oasis. These are just as important in your room as your primary light sources to let you feel peaceful and comfortable in your room. 

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Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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