Modern Beds

Modern Beds

Some bedrooms are perfectly suited for a traditional bed.

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Some bedrooms are perfectly suited for a traditional bed. If you have farmhouse-inspired decor, a cosy cottage, or a classic decorating aesthetic, then perhaps you prefer a bed with old-school accents. But if your style is cutting-edge and contemporary, then our modern beds will be an essential element of your nighttime routine. We source all of our furniture from top manufacturers to ensure the highest quality and durability, then deliver them to you (anywhere across Ireland!) with competitive prices and great value. Visit our stores in Kerry and Limerick today to see modern beds in person, or shop online right now. 

Bold and bright or subtle and sophisticated modern beds

Whatever your modern furniture style, our contemporary beds will fit the bill. Choose from sleek pieces or sumptuous options, all with ample of-the-moment flair that is perfect for a modern home. Whether you want wood, metal, or upholstery, whether you want bold hues or soft neutrals, whether you want a bed that’s large and imposing or chic but compact, we have modern beds to match. 

Extra features for contemporary homes 

When you’re looking for a modern bed, you may be after a piece that is more than just a place to sleep, and some of our modern beds bring additional features that are ideal for other functions. With storage beds featuring drawers or gas lift, ottoman-style interiors, you can stay organised with ease, great for a modern, minimalist room. We also have contemporary sofa and day beds, and modern beds that have comfortably cushioned headboards to make them a great place to read and relax. 

More than just modern beds in our range

We love our modern beds, but you may be looking for something other than, or in addition to, these contemporary charmers. Shop our entire bedroom collection to find exactly what you want, then explore our living room, dining, home office, and accessories ranges to outfit the entire house with stunning new furniture from Corcoran’s. We even have flooring, bathroom fixtures and tiles, and stoves and fireplaces, so you can give your home a head-to-toe revamp with the best furniture and flooring in Ireland. 

Need help? Have questions? Get in touch! 

Our team of furniture experts is always on hand to help in any way they can, and it’s easy to get in touch. Just ring us on 064 669 112 or send an email through our contact form. The answers to your queries, and your perfect furniture pieces, are just a click or phone call away.

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