Modern Console Tables – Match Your Décor with this Contemporary Furniture

Get that contemporary look for your home with modern console tables that are made with the latest and greatest materials and designed to fit in with current trends and fashions in the furniture market. Corcoran’s has a host of high-quality, modern console tables to consider. These are available to order online or through a visit to our stores in Kerry and Limerick.

Introducing modern console tables

The purpose of a console table can be varied:

  • you might want one to give you more storage in the parts of your home where space is at a premium;
  • you might need a place to display ornaments and collections;
  • or you could have an underused nook that you want to utilise for something practical.

In all cases, modern console tables will be a good investment. The range available from Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets includes:

Glass console tables

For a look that is always contemporary, glass is the material of choice. Console tables that use glass are also easier to keep clean and tidy than almost any other piece of furniture.

Metal console tables

The metallic look is unerringly modern, and metal console tables can run the gamut from featuring a few metal details to being made predominantly of high-quality metal.

Wood console tables

While wooden console tables can certainly be classic in design, Corcoran’s also has cutting edge examples available in lots of different modern colours and designs.

In terms of practicality, modern console tables are available with storage options such as drawers, shelving, cupboards, and cabinets. This enables you to buy compact units that are easy on the eye as well as convenient to use.

Furniture to turn heads

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Need more information?

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