Modern Corner Sofas

Make your living room the place everyone wants to congregate with amazingly modern corner sofas, available to buy online for home delivery from Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets.

Beautiful colours, cutting edge materials, and fantastic fabrics define our contemporary corner sofas. Browse the range to find the perfect family couch to fit your living room and match your household’s needs.

What makes modern corner sofas so special?

We could spend hours discussing the merits of modern corner sofas, so let’s just focus on a few of the key advantages.

First up is the reconfigurability, which makes them well suited to slotting into a contemporary living room. Many contemporary corner sofas can come with a left hand or right hand design, so you can match them to the shape of the room you plan to use them in. Some are even modular, which gives you further flexibility to perfect your domestic setup.

Next, there is the diversity of designs available, as modern audiences obviously have differing tastes. Whether you prefer leather upholstered modern corner sofas with built-in recliners, or fabric units that are indulgently soft and eye-catchingly colourful, we have all this and much more besides.

Finally, there is the size variety, as contrary to what you might expect, these corner sofas are not just made to be as large and imposing as possible. There are also smaller variants that are ideal for homes with more compact living areas. Space optimisation is the name of the game, and Corcoran’s corner sofas have got this wrapped up tight.

You can also see our corner sofas in person if you head to our stores in Kerry and Limerick, so don’t delay!

Furniture to fall in love with

Corcoran’s has contemporary corner sofas from top manufacturers, but this is just the start of the story in terms of the range of products we supply.

From clocks, mirrors, and interior design accessories to dining tables, garden furniture, bed frames, and everything in between, we have furniture for every need, with quality always taking precedent.

Call or email for corner sofa assistance

You can send us a message online or chat with our team by calling 064 669 1112 if you have questions about modern corner sofas or just want to learn more about the products and services Corcoran’s provides to customers across the country.