Modern Dining Chairs

Enjoy modern style for mealtimes with modern dining chairs from Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets. With a diverse and appealing selection of contemporary dining room chairs, we can add style to supper with our chic and sophisticated range. Sourced from top manufacturers for high-quality, competitively priced pieces, the modern dining chairs at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets are impressively stylish and offer value for money to enhance your dining room or kitchen setup. View at our stores in Kerry and Limerick or purchase online, and enjoy delivery nationwide to your home.

Sumptuous and stylish modern dining chairs in Ireland

Choose contemporary dining room chairs and give your kitchen or dining room a modern boost. Our range of dining chairs is full of options, with some of our bestsellers including:

Modern wood chairs

Wood is a fantastic material for traditional dining chairs, but our modern wood chairs show that it also has a place in contemporary mealtime styling. Ideal for minimalist pieces with clean lines and natural hues, modern wood dining chairs are a reliable pick for any setting.

Modern metal dining chairs

Whether you’re looking for industrial or cutting-edge style, modern metal dining chairs are an ideal option. Sleek and streamlined, our metal chairs are a favourite for modern metal dining chairs in Ireland.

Modern upholstered dining chairs

For a softer seat, modern upholstered dining chairs offer plush luxury with a contemporary look. Choose from an array of colours to make these fabric cushioned dining chairs stand out and complement your dining room decor.

Modern velvet dining chairs

Velvet is a particular favourite when it comes to modern dining chairs, so modern velvet dining chairs are an obvious star in our collection. Soft and sumptuous, these contemporary dining room chairs are an elegant pick for any mealtime.

Add contemporary style to any room with Corcoran’s collection

Pair modern dining chairs in Ireland with your favourite dining table or, better yet, choose a brand new one from Corcoran’s. Then finish the look with modern sideboards, display cabinets, and accessories for the table and dining room. The rest of your house can also be furnished with pieces from our bedroom, living room, home office, and other collections, and we have all the other essentials you might need like flooring, tiles, stoves, and fireplaces.

Learn more about modern dining chairs in Ireland

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