Modern Lamps

Shop for modern lamps at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets and benefit from our extensive range of lighting options, all at competitive prices and available for delivery across Ireland. We have modern lamps of every size and style, allowing you to match your choice with your decor and reap the practical benefits these products bring to the table – or the floor!

A multitude of amazing modern lamps to consider

You can take your pick of stylishly designed, sturdily built modern lamps thanks to the extensive Corcoran’s range, including:

Modern floor lamps

Floor lamps are a classic interior design concept, yet you can enjoy the advantages of thoroughly modern designs with styles including space age-inspired LED floor lamps, cool, bohemian curved lamps, and slick, industrial floor lamps. Lots of different materials and finishes are on offer, from brushed metals to fabric shades with printed patterns, from bright colours to neutral tones.

Modern table lamps

Modern lamps that are perfectly proportioned to sit on a side table are just as varied and alluring as their standing floor lamp counterparts. Choose from all-metal frames to lamps with porcelain or stoneware bodies that catch your eye and meld with your specific design sensibilities.

Modern bedside lamps

Small but perfectly formed, bedside lamps made to modern specifications and with contemporary design cues in mind are a must-have for anyone who loves to read before they go to sleep, or anyone who just wants an ornamental addition to round out their bedroom decor.

As well as being able to order modern lamps online from Corcoran’s and get them shipped to your doorstep, you can also visit our stores in Kerry and Limerick to see our modern lamps for yourself.

Delightful furniture for your entire house

Corcoran’s is a purveyor of much more than modern lamps; we also supply superb sofas and armchairs, decadent dining room sets for all your hosting needs, brilliant beds for a sound night’s sleep every night, alluring accessories, and even garden furniture that enables you to make the most of all outdoor spaces.

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