Modular Sofas

Offering the ultimate in customisation, a modular sofa is the best option when you’re looking for a sofa to suit the exact size and shape of your room. Our sectional sofas are ideal when the classic two- or three-seater doesn’t quite fit what you’re looking for. With an array of options that can be combined to create your perfect seating solution, you’ll love the modular sofas here at Corcoran’s. Choose fabric or leather modular sofas; opt for traditional or modern sectional sofas; pick from a spectrum of colours — the choices are endless, and we offer delivery across Ireland so you can have your sectional sent straight to your door. 

Gorgeous modular sofas Ireland 

When you’re choosing a sectional sofa, you can opt for pieces that are perfectly suited to the space you want to fill. Because each segment stands alone, you can create one large sofa or scatter elements across your room — you can even separate and join segments together on the fly to accommodate different seating needs for friends or visitors. Our modular sofas are crafted with the same high quality, reliable durability, and variety of colours and styles as we offer in our traditional sofa shapes, so it’s a perfect opportunity to create the sectional sofa of your dreams! 

Sectional sofas with extra details

With sectionals, you can opt for a classic sofa design that’s sized to suit your space, adding extra seating between the two end segments. However, you can also customise the design even further, with footstools, chaises, and other elements. Create an L- or U-shaped sofa, or any type of seating that will be perfect for your home. 

A spectrum of gorgeous sofas at Corcoran’s

If a modular sofa is your dream seating solution, you can meet your perfect match in the Corcoran’s range. If you prefer a different style of couch, we can cater to those needs as well — browse and buy from our sofas range today. Then shop for the living room, the dining room, the bedroom, and more. At Corcoran’s, we even have flooring, tiles, and other furnishing elements for top-to-bottom renovation. 

Our team is always on board to help

Whether you need assistance with measuring and sizing, style and shape, or anything else in choosing a sectional sofa, you can reach out to our team and get all the answers. Ring us on 064 669 112 or send an email through our contact form today.