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Mosca LED Backlit Mirror


Mosca LED Backlit Mirror

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  • Dimensions: 50 W x 5.5 D x 70 H cm
  • The Mosca LED Backlit Mirror combines contemporary aesthetics with advanced functionality, becoming a statement piece in any bathroom.
  • Designed for flexibility, the LED mirror can be mounted in either landscape or portrait orientation to fit your space perfectly.
  • Featuring built-in Bluetooth speakers, the Mosca bathroom mirror with lights allows you to stream music directly from your phone or any Bluetooth-enabled device, enhancing your bathroom experience.
  • The LED illumination offers colour-changing options, enabling you to set the perfect ambiance to suit your mood.
  • An integrated demister pad ensures the mirror remains free of condensation, providing a clear reflection at all times.
  •  The infrared on/off switch and touch controls provide a sleek and user-friendly interface.
  • Includes a charging socket for your bathroom essentials, adding to the mirror’s practicality and convenience.

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The Mosca LED Backlit Mirror: A Modern Marvel for Your Bathroom

Meet the Mosca LED Backlit Mirror—a stunning blend of contemporary aesthetics and advanced functionality that turns any bathroom into a designer showroom. This is not just any LED mirror for your bathroom; it's the statement piece you didn't know you needed.

Flexible Mounting Options

Whether you're a landscape enthusiast or a portrait purist, this mirror adapts to your preference. Mount it however you please; it's flexible, unlike your stubborn old mirror.

Built-In Bluetooth Speakers

Stream your favourite tunes directly from your phone with the built-in Bluetooth speakers. Yes, you can now belt out shower songs with professional-grade acoustics because your bathroom mirror with LED lights also happens to be your new personal DJ.

Customisable LED Illumination

The LED illumination offers colour-changing options to match your every mood. From a zen spa day to an impromptu dance party, this lighted mirror has all angles covered.

Always Clear Reflections

Foggy mirrors are a thing of the past with the integrated demister pad. Your reflection remains crystal clear, because, let’s be honest, mornings are hard enough without having to squint.

Sleek and User-Friendly Interface

With an infrared on/off switch and touch controls, the Mosca LED Backlit Mirror offers an interface so sleek, it makes your smartphone jealous. Adjust settings with a mere wave of your hand, feeling like a magician in your own home.

Practical Charging Socket

As if that weren't enough, this Mosca LED backlit bathroom mirror includes a charging socket for your bathroom essentials. Practicality meets style in a way that makes you wonder how you ever lived without it.

Dimensions and Details

Weight 9.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 5.5 × 70 cm
Item type

Mirror shape


LED Lighting


Demister Pad


Shaver Socket




Mount Type


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