Multi Fuel Stoves

Multi fuel stoves offer incredible convenience for heating your home — in addition to wood that can be burned in a traditional stove, you can also use a variety of other fuel types in a multi fuel stove to make the most of what you have available. Multi fuel stoves can utilise smokeless fuels, briquettes, and more, and so whatever type of fuel you prefer to use, a multi fuel stove will serve you well. Our multi fuel stoves from Corcoran’s are made with the highest-quality materials and crafted by top manufacturers, designed to last for years to come and keep you warm on cold winter days and even chilly summer nights.

Classic designs, contemporary functions with our multi fuel stoves

When you’re choosing a stove for your home, you want one that will not cost you a fortune in fuel or fill your room with smoke. With multi fuel stoves from Corcoran’s, there is no need to fear, as our stoves are efficient, well-made, and reliable. We provide stoves that will last, offering reliability and letting the warmth of the stove move throughout the room.

Create a cosy ambiance with multi fuel stoves

With traditional and contemporary shapes and details, you are sure to find a multi fuel stove that will blend effortlessly with your decor. No matter the look of your stove, you can be certain that it will be top-notch in quality and function, perfect for bringing a warm and inviting atmosphere to any room.

Fill your home with warmth thanks to furnishings from Corcoran’s

Once you’ve found the perfect stove, you can upgrade your space in snug style with an array of other furniture and furnishing options from Corcoran’s. Soft carpets on your floor provide insulation. Sofas accessorised with throws and cushions offer a place to lounge. Turn your home into a cosy nest of warmth with the Corcoran’s range. When you shop at our Kerry and Limerick stores or browse and buy online here on our website, you can find everything you need to get you through colder seasons and nights.

Our stove specialists are always here to help

Wood burning, multi fuel, bioethanol — there are many options for stoves and sometimes it can be hard to decide. That’s why our team is ready to assist! Ring us on 064 669 1112 or send an email via our contact form and have all your stove questions answered by our expert team.