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Pros and Cons of Using Nest of Tables vs Coffee Tables

Stackable and stylish, a nest of tables is a fabulous addition to any room. Choose a set of two, three, or four tables and create a coordinating look across your living space. Nests of tables are particularly appealing for small living rooms; as the name suggests, they can nest one inside the other and therefore have a small footprint when not in use. However, they can also see a variety of appealing uses from adding extra surface space for teacups and plates when visitors arrive, or for creating a chic tiered look for a decorative display. 

Nests of tables often take the place of side tables or end tables next to your sofas and seatings. However, sometimes you might consider using a nest of tables to replace your coffee table in the centre of the living room. There are pros and cons to this option depending on the look you want for your room and the functions you want your table to serve. 

Read on to learn more, and find out which table types are right for your living room.

Coffee tables: a classic essential 

After your sofa, your coffee table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in your living room. Your coffee table serves a number of purposes from the decorative (a place to display trinkets, candles, and more) to the functional (a spot for storage or to set down cups of coffee or tea). 

The right coffee table can tie your decor together. Choosing a coffee table that is the right size and style to complement your sofa is an important part of your living room furnishings. For more on finding the right coffee table for your home, read our coffee table buying guide

Nest of tables: a great space-saving option

A coffee table is an essential element of your living room decor, but in a small sitting room you may not have the space for all the furniture you need. And a poorly proportioned coffee table that’s too small for the size of your sofa isn’t a great option either. This is where a nest of tables comes in. 

If your living room is not big enough to accommodate a coffee table all the time, you can use a nest of tables to add that extra table space as needed. Set them up side by side to evoke the look of a single, larger table, and then stack them away when not in use to free up your floor plan. 

Coffee tables: offering timeless appeal 

There are a large range of shapes, styles, and sizes available when you’re shopping for the right coffee table to suit your space. Wood, metal, glass, traditional, contemporary, industrial — the possibilities are endless, especially when you’re shopping a diverse collection like the range of coffee tables offered at Corcoran’s Furniture. The look of a coffee table in front of your sofa is such a classic that you really can’t go wrong when you make it a part of your living room setup. 

Additionally, because coffee tables are designed for the exact purpose of placing in front of your sofa, in the centre of your living room, it is easy to find an option that will match your space. With varying heights, sizes, and shapes, you can find the right coffee table to look great in your living room, without too much effort. 

Nest of tables: bringing tiered versatility 

If you’d prefer a nest of tables over a coffee table as a living room centrepiece, you have to work a little harder to find the correct option to complement the rest of your sitting room decor. Because nests of tables are generally meant to take the place of end or side tables, they may not be the correct height to replace a coffee table, or they may be too small or narrow to create the right look in conjunction with your sofa.

However, there are some advantages to using nests of tables that make them worth the extra effort to find the right ones for your space. One of our favourite recommendations for great coffee table decor is to arrange items in tiers rather than making all of your decorations the same height, and with a nest of tables you can even bring that aesthetic into your choice of furniture. 

The best coffee tables and nests of tables in Ireland

Your decor preferences, furniture requirements, and living room space will all contribute to your decision about whether to use a traditional coffee table or replace it with a nest of tables. There are benefits to both options and hopefully our blog has helped you to weigh up the pros and cons.

Either way, when you choose living room furniture from Corcoran’s, you really can’t go wrong thanks to our large selection that will suit any style and budget. You can shop the Corcoran’s range online now, or call in to our Kerry or Limerick showrooms and talk to our expert team about the perfect pieces for your home. 

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Lauren Mateer

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