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New Year Furniture – Trends & Styles for 2023

New year, new trends. In 2022, we loved green decor, earthy textures, and curved furniture, as well as vibrant prints and all-around cosy vibes. While we don’t think nature-inspired looks or snug, comfy setups will ever go out of style, there are some new year furniture and decor trends we’re looking forward to seeing in 2023. 

So if you’re searching for new year furniture ideas, planning a room revamp, or searching for inspo for a decor-related new year’s resolution, read on for our favourite interior design and decorating trend for 2023. 

Shades of sunset in every room

The most popular colour palettes of 2022 featured shades of green, but for 2023 we’re looking at warmer tones that evoke the painted colours of a desert sunset. A number of paint companies have chosen their colours of the year, and from Dulux’s Wild Wonder golden, to Benjamin Moore’s vivid coral Raspberry Blush, to Sherwin-Williams’ earthy taupe Redend Point, it’s clear that warm, desert shades are setting the tone for 2023. 

You can incorporate these colours throughout your home in your new year furniture and decor. Use sandy neutrals in your flooring and furniture, and accent your space with more vibrant shades that will give your room the rich look of an evening sunset. 

The all-white kitchen is back

Desert and sunset tones may be on trend throughout your home, but there’s one room where it’s all about white in 2023. The all-white kitchen is once more on-trend this year, offering a light and airy look for cooking and mealtimes. 

White is a timeless option for kitchen styling, making the room seem bigger and brighter. Read our top tips for elevating your white kitchen, and transform your kitchen for 2023 with white walls, painted furniture, and more. One of our favourite ways to enjoy this trend in 2023 is to play with texture — creating a monochrome look that still offers plenty of depth and visual interest. 

Places inspired spaces

2023 is likely to be a huge year for travel, with tourism numbers likely rebounding to near pre-pandemic levels. Most of us are eager to get out and about, so you may be planning to spend less time at home than usual. However, if this is the case for you, you can also use your travel plans to inspire your new year furniture and decor choices. 

If you’re going on a bucket-list trip in the new year, bring back a souvenir and make it the centrepiece of your room. If you don’t have any holidays planned, then use a past favourite location or your dream trip to inspire your decor. 

Playing with unique plant life

As in 2022, adding plants to your decor is a popular trend for the year. From potted plants to bouquets of flowers — real or faux — to botanical-themed wallpaper, incorporating natural inspiration into your decor brings the outdoors inside and gives your space a lush and inviting feel.

The difference in 2023, however, is that this year’s trend offers a more unique take on nature-inspired style. Instead of traditional florals and greenery, this year’s botanical trends are all about out of the box options. Consider succulents or cacti, and embrace irregular, imperfect shapes rather than perfectly symmetrical arrangements. 

Large and layered lighting

In 2023, it’s time to get lighting right. If a room in your home feels dark and uninviting, upgrade your lamps and light fixtures to illuminate your space. Make sure your lighting options serve their practical purpose — with overhead, task, and ambient lighting offering adequate brightness for a room. 

In terms of style, this year’s lighting trends are all about big, bold, statement-making options. Whether it’s an artistic desk lamp or an ornate overhead fixture, your lighting in 2023 should be as vibrantly decorative as it is functional. And don’t be afraid to layer your lights in height, size, and number, to really brighten up a room with both light and style. 

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Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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