Nore Oak Wardrobe – 19 Options

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A wonderfully traditional range with a modern twist. This rich oak range is perfect for all bedrooms. With optional room arrangements and colour options the perfect bedroom setting can be achieved.

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The Nore Oak Wardrobe comes in a wide array of configurations to create a perfect storage piece

No matter what style wardrobe you are looking to add to your bedroom, foyer, or anywhere else in your home, the Irish designed and manufactured Nore Oak Wardrobe is sure to have an option that will fit your space perfectly and offer all the storage and organisational capabilities you could want. 

The Nore Oak Wardrobe is a wonderfully traditional piece with modern details that let it fit easily into classic as well as more modern decor styles.

A light finish lets the natural woodgrain of this piece shine and create a look that easily complements your decor, or you can pair this wardrobe with one of the many other pieces in the Nore Oak range and create a coordinated look across your bedroom or living space.

However, what makes the Nore Oak Wardrobe really stand out is the huge variety of configuration options.

Choose from one or two door configurations, with an array of details including drawers, shelves, hanging robes, and mirrors, and find a style that suits your needs perfectly. 

You can also opt for a combi-style wardrobe that pairs multiple options together to create an organisational and storage-minded piece that is ready to hold exactly what you need it to. 

Say hello to classic style and goodbye to clutter in any room with the help of the Nore Oak Wardrobe in any of its many configurations, and enjoy a timeless look to enhance your living space with ease. 

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1 Door Robe Hanging, 1 Door Robe Hanging with Mirror, 1 Door Robe with Shelves, 1 Door Robe with Shelves and Mirror, 1 Door Robe with 2 Drawers, 1 Door Robe with 2 Drawers and Mirror, 2 Door Robe Hanging, 2 Door Robe Hanging with Mirrors, 2 Door 2 Drawer Robe, 2 Door 2 Drawer Robe with Mirrors, 2 Door Robe with Shelves, 2 Door Robe with Shelves and Mirror, 2 Door 2 Drawer Combi Robe, 2 Door 2 Drawer Combi Robe with Mirrors, 2 Door Hanging Combi Robe, 2 Door Hanging Combi Robe with Mirrors, 1000m Wide Wardrobe with Mirror, 2 Door Hanging Kids Robe, 2 Door Hanging Combi Kids Robe

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