Oak Console Tables

Oak console tables are the ideal addition to a living space where you need an extra touch of style, provided by a piece of furniture that does not take up any more room than necessary. Corcoran’s has lots of lovely console tables to consider ordering from our site, with our high quality, competitively priced, oak examples available for home delivery across Ireland.

All about oak console tables

There is something timelessly stylish about oak console tables. Buy one today and it will still look good in years to come, as it will fit both modern trends and also hark back to earlier eras thanks to the materials used and the finishes available.

Speaking of finishes, when you buy with Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets, there are so many different colours, varnishes, and material combos available in this range.

Whether you want natural-looking oak console tables that let the grain of the wood do the talking, or you are in the market for painted oak console tables that fit the rest of your room’s decor, we have got you covered.

Sizes & styles galore

Another advantage of oak console tables compared with other options you might have on your radar, is that they are built to be narrow and unobtrusive. Rather than feeling like your living room or hallway is dominated by a particular piece of furniture, you will get the best of both worlds in terms of practicality as well as looks.

Choose from many sizes and styles on our site, or visit our stores in Kerry and Limerick to see what our console tables look like in person.

Something for every room

You will not have to search for long on the Corcoran’s site before you encounter superb furniture products, sourced from reputable manufacturers, and sold to customers nationwide, with delivery available.

We have sofa beds, recliners, wardrobes, dining tables, garden furniture, flooring, accessories, and so much more besides, so you are sure to find something special here.

Get in touch with Corcoran’s for console table assistance

A call to our team on 064 669 1112 is a speedy way to speak to someone about your furniture needs. We also have a contact form on our site that you can use to get in touch with the experts.