Oak Dining Chairs

Perfect Seating Solutions at Corcoran’s

Order oak dining chairs from Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets and see what real quality means. Our oak chairs are classically stylish, beautiful to behold and can be purchased on their own, or as part of a set to bring new life to your dining room. See our oak dining chairs for yourself at our stores in Kerry and Limerick.

The enduring appeal of oak dining chairs

Trends come and go, but dining chairs made from oak can endure for decades and be a permanent addition to a household that will stand the test of time without question.

By carefully selecting the manufacturers we partner with to create oak dining chairs, Corcoran’s can guarantee exceptional quality across this range, while also giving our customers the best prices for oak dining chairs that are attractive and practical.

Surprisingly, diverse style options

The wonderful thing about oak as a material is that it is not only durable but also versatile in how it can be used. This is reflected in the variety that is apparent across this product range.

Whether you are interested in oak dining chairs that are made predominantly with this material, or those that pair oak with other materials, we have got you covered. Styles can also change according to the upholstery on the seat pad, the colour of the finish, and the configuration of the joinery.

In short, you can find oak dining chairs that fit in with your taste and seamlessly match your other dining room furniture. Whether you are interested in a vintage design or one that is more in line with modern tastes, you should be able to pinpoint the right product in our catalogue of chairs.

Discover our full furniture family

Corcoran’s can cater to customers who are looking for sets of oak dining chairs, as well as those who need delightful dining tables, supple sofas, inviting beds, spacious wardrobes, contemporary accessories, and everything in between. We also have garden furniture, flooring, and tiles, so you can take on a total home overhaul project or just pick up a few bits and pieces to liven things up indoors or out.

Got a question about dining chairs?

You can speak to Corcoran’s about our chairs, oak or otherwise, by sending us an email from our contact page. You can also ask us questions over the phone by calling our friendly team on 064 669 1112, and we will help you out.