Occasional Chairs

Our stunning collection of occasional chairs are perfect for creating a statement and adding a pop of colour or unique design to your rooms.

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Our stunning collection of occasional chairs are perfect for creating a statement and adding a pop of colour or unique design to your rooms.

Occasional chairs: accentuate your space with serious style

Our range of accent chairs are expertly curated to provide a perfect balance of style, comfort, and functionality.

Transform your room with our accent chairs

Whether you are looking for a funky swivel chair, a plush velvet chair, or a classic wingback chair, our collection has it all. Each of our occasional chairs brings its own unique style and function, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Frequently asked questions about our occasional chairs

What are occasional chairs?

An occasional chair is a type of chair that isn’t intended for everyday use but serves as a decorative piece, adding aesthetic value to your space. They are often referred to as decorative chairs or feature chairs depending on their use.

Are occasional chairs the same as accent or statement chairs?

An occasional chair is used for its specific purpose on an “occasional” basis. For example, it may be a chair in the bedroom used when putting on shoes, or an extra chair in the living room used when there are guests. It is not intended for continuous, daily use.

An accent chair is a type of occasional chair that’s used to add a burst of colour or unique design to a room. A statement chair is also an accent chair that makes a bold statement and stands out from the rest of the room’s furniture. They are typically chosen for their aesthetic purposes.

So accent chairs and statement chairs can be types of occasional chairs, but an occasional chair might not always be an accent or statement chair.
These terms are often used interchangeably.

Are armchairs and accent chairs different?

While armchairs always have arms and are traditionally upholstered similarly to corresponding sofas for comfort, accent chairs may or may not have arms. Accent chairs are considered decorative and serve to inject a splash of colour or personality into a room. Armchairs are primarily chosen for comfort.

How to coordinate an accent chair with a sofa?

Coordinating an accent chair with your sofa can depend on your personal style and the existing decor. You could choose a chair that complements the colour of your sofa or pick a contrasting colour to make a statement.

Is it okay to have only one accent chair?

A single accent chair can be a striking addition to a room. It can serve as a focal point and create a unique style statement, adding personality and flair to your space.

Explore the finest selection of occasional chairs in Ireland

Our extensive collection of occasional chairs offers a perfect blend of form and function. Whether you’re seeking to refresh your living room, create a cosy reading nook, or add a stylish touch to your bedroom, our range of accent chairs is sure to inspire. Shop with us and discover the perfect occasional chair to elevate your home décor.

You can learn more about choosing the best accent chair in Ireland in our accent chair buying guide.

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