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Dalkey Outdoor Sofa Set with Storage


Dalkey Outdoor Sofa Set with Storage

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Features and Dimensions at a Glance

  • Table – 57 W x 57 D x 34 H cm
  • Sofa – 132 W x 66 D x 79 H cm
  • Armchairs – 74 W x 66 D x 79 H cm
  • Green Construction: Crafted from recycled materials, the Dalkey Outdoor Sofa Set With Storage promotes environmental sustainability while providing stylish comfort.
  • Hidden Stash: Built-in storage for hiding away cushions or any outdoor secrets you’d rather keep out of sight.
  • Breeze to Clean: Easy-to-clean surfaces that make maintenance feel like less of a chore and more of a minor inconvenience.
  • Chic and Sleek: Modern design with a textured surface that adds a dash of style and sophistication to your outdoor hangout.
  • Sit Back and Relax: Comes with plush cushions that offer such comfort, you might just forget you’re outdoors.

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The Dalkey Outdoor Sofa Set with Storage: Style Meets Sustainability

Eco-Friendly Construction

Introducing the Dalkey Outdoor Sofa Set with Storage, where comfort meets conscience. Crafted from recycled materials, this 4 seater sofa set champions environmental sustainability. Lounge in style and feel good about your eco-friendly choice.

Built to Brave the Elements

With UV-resistant materials, this garden sofa set is built to withstand the sun's harsh rays. Say goodbye to fading and sun damage—the Dalkey Outdoor Sofa with Storage set stays fresh and unfazed no matter how bright it gets.

Featuring easy-to-clean surfaces, it's an outdoor sofa set that makes maintenance a breeze. A quick wipe-down, and it's back to looking pristine, sparing you from the tyranny of tough stains and grime.

Practical and Stylish

Built-in storage adds a layer of practicality. Tuck away your blankets or stash your outdoor essentials—finally, a place to hide those garden gnomes when you’re not in the mood.

With a modern design and textured surface, this garden furniture set effortlessly transforms your outdoor space. The sleek, contemporary look brings a touch of sophistication to any backyard or patio.

Unmatched Comfort

Plush cushions ensure that comfort is never compromised. Whether you’re lounging for a quick coffee break or an extended afternoon nap, this garden sofa set has got your back—literally.

Upgrade your outdoor living with the Dalkey Outdoor Sofa Set with Storage—where sustainable design meets unparalleled comfort and style.

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4 Pieces

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