Oval Dining Tables

Oval dining tables are not quite round and not quite square and are all the better for it! Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has oval tables of all types, whether you want a modern design or one that is more traditional in style. You can get oval dining tables delivered to your door nationwide, or you can view them when you visit our stores in Kerry and Limerick.

All sorts of oval dining tables available

Find a multitude of materials and finishes in our oval tables line-up, including:

Wooden oval dining tables

Wood tables are always popular, and we have high-quality options like oak and walnut, with oval shapes providing you with enough space to seat two, four or six people. We offer options in both painted and natural finishes, so whatever the rest of the room looks like, you can find the perfect table to suit.

Metal, glass & marble-topped oval dining tables

From the modern to the classic, our oval tables excel in terms of both design and material combinations. Whether you are looking for a glass-topped example, or one made with durable and luxurious materials like marble, Corcoran’s delivers.

Extendable oval dining tables

A clever feature of some oval table designs is that they can also be extendable. This is obviously convenient if you require a larger table temporarily, such as when hosting a dinner party, but would prefer a smaller table for everyday use. Choose from many of the materials and finishes in our extendable oval tables family and you can make your kitchen and dining room even more flexible, no matter your day-to-day needs.

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