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Think Pink: the best pink furniture for your home

For a long time, pink was seldom seen in interior design and home decor, relegated to chintzy, dated sitting rooms and little girls’ bedrooms. But in recent years, pink furniture and decor have seen a resurgence of popularity in a variety of design aesthetics. 

Pantone chose Rose Quartz as one of its Colours of the Year in 2016, and the soft, rosey hue known as Millennial Pink has become a favourite accent tone for contemporary decorating. 

What explains the blooming popularity of pink in home decor? The answer lies in colour psychology — pink is considered to have a calming, stress-reducing effect. A colour often associated with romance and femininity, it is also known to be peaceful, soothing, and gentle, making it ideal for a relaxed and comfortable home. 

But how do you incorporate pink furniture into your home without turning your space into a life-size Barbie Dream House? Read on for our guide to creating a trend-right interior design look with the help of pink furniture and home decor. 

Pink furniture accents let you start small

If you’re curious about adding pink elements to your decor, but you’re not quite ready to commit to a bold pink bed or bright pink walls, consider a small piece of furniture in a lovely pink hue to add a romantic detail to your home.

An accent chair is a great option for bringing a touch of pink into any room. Whether you pair it with neutral sofas in the living room or let it be another seating option in the bedroom, choosing a pink occasional chair can add a touch of romantic glamour without overwhelming your space.

A rug is another pink furnishing favourite you can choose to add a subtle accent to a room. The soft texture of the rug is a perfect complement to the gentle feelings that pink evokes. And because your floor is likely a neutral colour, any pink shade you choose will look great layered atop it. 

Pink can pair with neutrals as a pop of colour

Speaking of neutral tones, pink itself can be a neutral colour of sorts if you choose a soft blush or peach tone, but if you want something bolder like coral or even fuschia, add it to an overall-neutral colour palette to keep the look grounded and natural. 

If you’re after a chic and elegant look that utilises pink furniture or home decor, grey and pink are a favourite pairing — try pink with grey marble or concrete to bring a touch of romance to a modern design, or match pink with ceramic for a more traditional look. 

Love retro styling? Pink elements with black or chrome offer a 1950s American diner-inspired feel that takes your home back to yesteryear in a kitschy but cool way. 

Plus, pink is perfect for adding a pop of colour to a neutral space. A pink painted front door or a pink bouquet in a white room will instantly brighten up the overall look while still maintaining the neutral colour story. 

Pink adds extra glamour to luxurious materials 

Pink is an inherently glamourous colour, and you can use pink to add even more glam appeal to luxury textiles and other materials. 

For example, velvet’s soft, plush texture gives it a luxurious feel, so opting for pink velvet takes that to another level — a pink velvet sofa offers the ultimate in glamorous style for your living room. When you add a pink rug to your floor, choose a thick shag pile over a looped low-pile alternative to get that lush look and feel. 

Some materials like metal don’t necessarily lend themselves to actually being pink, but pair well with pink furniture or accessories for a stylish touch of glamour. 

A metallic metal chair base with a pink fabric seat, or a golden-hued console table topped with a pink vase or candle can evoke that ritzy look while also giving you more options in terms of materials used. 

Pink lightens up a darker space in style 

Not every home is blessed with an abundance of natural light, but choosing pink accents can help to brighten up a smaller or darker room. 

A soft shade of pink not only has a similar effect as choosing a cream or white tone that lightens up a room, but it also adds a touch of warmth that gives your space a gentle and welcoming feel.

Similarly, if you love the dramatic look of dark walls in a colour like charcoal or navy, add pink accents to add contrast and keep the room from becoming gloomy. A pink throw or cushion on a dark-coloured sofa can have a similar effect and bring appealing contrast to your decor. 

Pink also makes a great pairing with darker tones of natural materials, where a bright white or ivory might offer too much contrast. Accenting deep brown wood or charcoal stone with romantic pink details provides the perfect amount of juxtaposition to stand out while still maintaining a cohesive look.

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Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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