Pocket Sprung Mattress – Buy Our Traditional & Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Mattresses have made use of springs to provide comfort for decades, and a pocket sprung mattress is a natural evolution of this long-standing solution for a good night’s sleep. Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has a multitude of pocket spring mattress models to consider, with examples suited to beds of many sizes ranging from the single to super king.

The perks of a pocket sprung mattress

As the name suggests, a pocket spring mattress has each spring encased separately within its own fabric pocket. The purpose of this is that unlike in an older spring mattress, the pocketed springs are able to operate independently from one another.

This means that as well as being able to adapt to the unique contours of your body, a pocket spring mattress will also be more comfortable for couples to share without getting on each other’s nerves through their slumbering movements.

Corcoran’s has plentiful pocket sprung mattress options to consider; some of them are combined with traditional cushioning materials such as natural fibres, while others make use of add-ins such as memory foam and even thermal gel to help with heat transfer.

All this choice is even more appealing when you consider that our pocket sprung mattress prices are very competitive, and the levels of quality on offer are unbeatable.

Select the right size pocket sprung mattress

Another aspect to note is that there are pocket sprung mattress products for beds of all shapes and sizes.

We supply market leading mattresses for single, double, and king size beds, as well as other standard variations within this spectrum. As such, there should be something here for every customer who is looking to improve the quality of their sleep.

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