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3 Tips to Create a Practical and Stylish Hallway with Hallway Tables and More

When you are welcoming guests into your home, you want to make a good first impression. And when you get home yourself after the end of a long day, it’s nice to enter a space that is homely and inviting. 

Naturally, you might assume that the hallway or entryway would get a lot of attention in the home for these reasons, but this is actually an often-neglected area when it comes to interior design. Think about your own hallway: is it beautifully furnished and decorated, or is it just the unadorned space where you take off your muddy shoes and toss your jacket on a coat hook as you enter your house? 

If your hallway is looking slightly forsaken and you want to spruce up your space to create a warm and welcoming entrance to your home, never fear! We’ve gathered some great tips for adding hallway tables, decor, and more, to completely revamp your entryway. And you can also use these ideas to design an ideal bedroom hallway or any other hallway space in your home. 

Add bold style for a standout space

Because hallways are usually small and narrow in comparison to the other rooms in your home, many people default to neutral colours and patterns for fear of overwhelming the space. However, on the contrary, your hallway can be the perfect place to make a statement (and a bold first impression)! 

Is there a gorgeous wallpaper print that you think is ‘too much’ for a larger room? Turn it into a striking foundation for your hallway. Do you have an eclectic piece of wall art that you love but that might be at odds with the rest of your home or interior decorating theme? Let it stand alone in your hall and greet guests in style. 

Because your hallway is usually somewhat separate from the rest of your home, leading into other rooms rather than being a room itself, it’s a great place to really play with your home decor style and think out of the box when it comes to decor details. 

Create a display with hallway tables

Hallway tables are an important element in your entryway decor. A place to put mail, car keys, and more, hallway tables are the principle piece of furniture that your entry hall requires. However, you can also add decorative detail to your hallway by using a table as a base for a stylish setup. 

Your entryway sets the tone for your home, especially when you are welcoming visitors, so use a hallway table to create an inviting setup. This is a great place for a decorative vase full of flowers, a collection of your favourite family photos, or anything along these lines that showcases a bit of personality and offers a bit of love and happiness to anyone who sees it. 

Placing a mirror behind your hallway table is also a great way to style up your entry space. A mirror at the end of your hall will reflect the room and make it seem larger, as well as giving you a place for a last-minute look at your outfit or makeup as you leave the house. The vertical layering of hallway tables and mirrors is a classic setup that is sure to look great in any hall. 

Draw guests in with lighting 

We know that your hallway is never where you’re going to hang out and spend a lot of time. It’s somewhere you go to get from one place to another, whether that’s your front door to your kitchen or from your bedroom to the bathroom. And so a hallway doesn’t need quite as much focus on lighting as other rooms — you don’t need a desk lamp for reading or other task lighting in the way you would for a living room or bedroom. 

However, ambient lighting is still important for creating a hallway that is bright and inviting rather than dark and drab. And there are plenty of stylish ways to add both mounted and freestanding lights that will look great in your space. 

For example, a row of pendant lights that follow the shape of your hallway will draw guests down the hall and into your home. Or, you might choose wall sconces that offer ambient light and classic elegance. For freestanding lights, a floor lamp is ideal for brightening up a dark corner, and use table lamps on your hallway tables for an extra touch of light to show off your decorative displays. 

Hallway tables and entryway decor — and more! — at Corcoran’s Furniture

If you’re ready to take your hallway to the next level with the best lighting, hallway tables, decorative pieces, and bold wallpaper, put a visit to Corcoran’s Furniture at the top of your list. With a fabulous array of furnishings and accessories to suit every style and budget, plus flooring, paint, and more, you’ll have everything you need to turn your entryway from drab to fab. 

Shop console tables, table lamps, rugs, and more online now, or visit us in store or get in touch with our interior design experts to find floor to ceiling style in your hall. And if you’re working with an extra-compact space, have a look at our best advice on decorating a narrow hallway.

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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