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Providence Wooden Bedside Table

Providence Wooden Bedside Table

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  • Two-tone nighttime nattiness: The Providence Wooden Bedside Table flaunts a two-tone tapestry, infusing your bedroom ballet with a choreography of colour and class.
  • Curves of captivation: Rounded at the edges like the rolling Irish hills, this nightstand brings a soft, elegant charm that whispers sweet nothings to the overall grace of its design.
  • Dreamers’ drawers: Dual drawers offer a bounty of bedside storage, with the top sanctuary swathed in plush velvet, cradling your nighttime necessities in luxury.
  • Crafted for kings and queens: Each stroke of craftsmanship on this nightstand is a pledge of allegiance to the marriage of functionality and regal flair, befitting the most stately of sleeping quarters.
  • Providence Panache: As a piece of the grand Providence bedroom range, this table stands as a storage solution but also as a testament to a suite as harmonious as a well-tuned lullaby.


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Slumber Sidekick: The Providence Wooden Bedside Table

Nestled beside your bed, the Providence Wooden Bedside Table is your nighttime nobleman, your dusk-till-dawn butler, awaiting your every beck and call.

Hues of harmony

Clad in a sophisticated two-tone colour scheme, this bedside table brings a slice of the sublime to the sanctuary of your bedroom. Its palette speaks the language of luxury, a visual sonnet serenading the soul with its polished poise.

Contours of comfort

With curves as soothing as the rolling mists of a crisp autumn morning, this nightstand's rounded edges lend a tender touch to your bedroom's architecture. It's a silent ode to elegance, a soft silhouette that stands by you, steadfast through every dream and dawn.

Velvet-veiled volumes

Open the top drawer to reveal a velvet-lined vault, a sumptuous cocoon for the treasures you tuck away under the twilight. Below, a second spacious drawer stands guard, ready to cradle your books, baubles, and bedtime bits and bobs in ample luxury.

The craft of kings

Every inch of this bedside table whispers of meticulous care, from the seamless dovetail joints to the graceful grain that dances across its surface. It's a nightstand not just made but meticulously moulded for a resting space resplendent with opulence.

Providence: A poem in wood

As a cherished chapter in the Providence bedroom collection, this bedside table is the quintessential companion to your slumber. It's the seamless stanza in your bedroom's serene sonnet.

The Providence Wooden Bedside Table serves as a beacon of sophistication, safeguarding your evening essentials with effortless elegance.

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