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Providence Wooden Dressing Table Set


Providence Wooden Dressing Table Set

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  • Dimensions: Chest: 140 W x 45 D x 84 H cm
  • Mirror: 110 W x 5 D 100 H cm
  • Stool: 80 W x 32 D x 60 H
  • Two-tone tableau: The Providence Wooden Dressing Table Set presents a perfectly paired wooden dressing table, mirror, and stool, all singing in a two-tone colour harmony that’s music to the eyes.
  • Carved charm: With lines carved in a dance of design, this dressing table sashays rather than stands, adding a dash of sophistication to your daily dressing duet.
  • Secret stowaway space: A hidden top drawer offers a clandestine chamber for your cherished keepsakes, ensuring your sanctum remains spick, span, and splendidly sorted.
  • Contours of elegance: The furniture’s rounded edges bestow a soft and graceful mien, a gentle nod to a range of interior inclinations from the bold to the bashful.
  • Luxury in the everyday: This wooden dressing table is a scene-setter, blending style and utility to introduce a flourish of fine living into your daily tableau.
  • Providence bedroom poetry: As part of the Providence collection, this dressing ensemble is a stanza in the poem of your bedroom’s elegance.

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Reflections of Refinement: The Providence Wooden Dressing Table Set

Introducing the Providence Wooden Dressing Table Set, a triad of elegance that brings the harmony of form and function to the forefront of your daily routine.

Ensemble of elegance

Every glance at this set, with its coordinated dressing table, mirror, and stool, is like a note struck in perfect pitch. The two-tone colour palette sings a ballad of balance, a visual melody that resonates with the rhythm of your room.

Design in every detail

The artistry is in the lines, carved with the precision of a poet's pen, turning the act of adorning oneself into an affair of elegance. This is a clear declaration of style, a sophisticated touch that enhances any dressing area.

Discreetly deluxe

With a top drawer hidden from the casual observer's gaze, this piece offers a sanctum for your secrets. Here, your treasures and trinkets find solace, kept tidy and tranquil in a clutter-free embrace.

Curvature and class

The furniture pieces, with their rounded edges, evoke a softness and a grace that complement and caress a plethora of interior styles. They stand out with a gentle grandeur that's as inviting as it is impressive.

Daily dose of decadence

This set isn't merely functional; it's a daily dalliance with luxury. A blend of purpose and panache, it introduces a touch of concealed charm to the quotidian.

Providence: A poetry of pieces

As a proud member of the Providence bedroom range, this dressing table set isn't just a part of your furniture collection—it's a piece of your home's narrative, a stanza in the poetry of your sanctuary's elegance.

In the embrace of the Providence Wooden Dressing Table Set, your reflections echo the beauty that surrounds them, a tribute to the sophistication that this set brings to every morning's muse.

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Dimensions 150 × 45 × 84 cm
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