Recliner Chairs

Find bliss in the embrace of our recliner chairs, available to order from Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets in a number of styles and configurations. The advantage of recliner armchairs is that they let you get unrivalled comfort all to yourself, without having to share with anyone else. With compelling prices and quality guaranteed, we know what makes a great recliner.

All about recliner armchairs

In addition to offering recliner sofas, Corcoran’s supplies armchairs that are tailor made to deliver uncompromising comfort to their lucky owners.

The idea behind a recliner is simple: while standard living room furniture is usually set at a fixed angle, with the simple press of a button or pull of a lever, a recliner will let you adjust the angle of the backrest and also project an integrated footrest.

Whether you are a big fan of napping cosily in front of the television or by the stove, or you want to watch movies or play games in a laid-back position, recliner chairs are just the ticket.

Styles & designs aplenty

While most recliners share a similar underlying design ethos, you can still get a good amount of variety in terms of the materials that are used in the upholstery and the overall aesthetics.

People who prefer a traditional look, as well as those who seek out the most modern designs to match their contemporary living expectations will both be satisfied by the line-up at Corcoran’s, which we create by partnering with top manufacturers from around the world.

Colour combinations and integrated features vary as well, so you can narrow your search according to your exacting requirements.

Furniture for every room

Our recliner chairs are part of a wide array of furniture we sell here at Corcoran’s, both via our website and at our stores in Kerry and Limerick.

Dining tables, bed frames, sofas, couches, and a multitude of amazing products are available. We even have plenty of accessories that will let you round out your home decor and keep up with current trends, whatever your tastes.

Speak with Corcoran’s about recliners today

If you are a newcomer to the world of recliners, or you want to know more about any of the furniture products we sell, please call the Corcoran’s team on 064 669 1112 or use the contact page on our website for friendly advice.