Rise and Recline Chairs

Rise and recline chairs assist with mobility needs

As we age, we often find ourselves needing to make certain adaptations to our homes. In some cases, these are minor additions like installing a grab bar in a tub or shower for safety and stability, replacing door knobs with lever handles for easier use, or simply moving furniture around for wider walking paths. In other cases, these adaptations require larger renovations, such as installing a stairlift or widening doorways to accommodate a wheelchair. 

There are also furniture options you can choose to accommodate aging, disability, or simply to add additional comfort to your home. An adjustable bed that can change head and foot heights as needed, a sofa table that can push in close to the seat to avoid back strain, and a dining table with a pedestal base that won’t interfere with a wheelchair are all good options for seniors and those with mobility needs. And some of the best furniture choices of all are rise and recline chairs. 

What are rise and recline chairs?

Rise and recline chairs for the elderly and those with disabilities are an ideal seating option if you or a loved one has additional mobility needs and requires a little extra help sitting down or standing up from their favourite armchair. Also called riser recliner chairs, lift and rise recliners, or lift and tilt chairs, rise and recline chairs can be useful for people with a variety of conditions that lead to reduced mobility, such as MS, arthritis, or simply old age. 

A built-in motor system allows the chair to, as the name suggests, rise and recline, lifting up to meet you as you start to sit down and guiding you gently to your seat, then raising up again to help you back to your feet when you’re ready to stand. A reclining back and footrest allow customised positioning for maximum comfortable seating.

Ardcost Electric Rising Chair

  • 92 W x 102 D x 108 H cm
  • Lift & Rise chair with powerful twin motor
  • Grey PU leather
  • Available in real leather – please get in touch to find out more
  • If you have a disability, you may be entitled to claim a VAT refund within 4 years from the end of the taxable period in which you purchased the aid
  • See the link to the Citizen’s information page here


Number of variations: 1

Single vs dual motor riser/recliner chairs

These types of chairs have either a single or dual motor for their rising and reclining actions. 

A single motor mobility aid chair uses one motor to control all of the chair’s electric functions: the lifting and lowering, the backrest reclining, and the footrest raising. When you choose to recline the backrest, the footrest will automatically rise at the same time. 

In contrast, a dual motor system allows the backrest and footrest to operate separately. Generally, one motor is specifically for the backrest, while the other motor operates both the lift and rise and footrest functions. A dual motor chair’s remote will usually have four buttons, one for each movement: lift, lower, backrest, footrest. This can be ideal if you want to sit upright but still need to have your feet elevated. 

Other features of rise and recline chairs

In addition to the lift and rise, backrest, and footrest functions, riser recliner chairs are crafted to ensure maximum comfort across all facets of the design. Ample cushioning ensures that you will feel supported in whatever position to which you choose to adjust the chair. It also provides lumbar support to alleviate back pain and stiffness. 

Some rise and recline chair options also have other features to assist with accessibilities needs. These may include lighted buttons on the controller that make them easier to see, spring-loaded footrests that can be manually moved if needed, and more. If there are specific features that you require, please get in touch! Our sales team would be delighted to help you find the ideal riser recliner chair to suit your personal mobility needs. 

Finally, you may be imagining that a rise and recline chair will inevitably be unstylish, a chair that you would purchase only out of necessity and not be an attractive addition to your sitting room decor. Luckily, with a classic, cushy shape and an array of leather and fabric upholstery options, the reality is that your rise and recline chair can fit in with the rest of your seating and provide a timeless armchair element for your living room. Most people won’t be able to tell the difference between a rise and recline chair and a typical armchair, so it will fit in easily with the rest of your sofas and seating.

Keswick Lift & Rise Chair

  • 83 W x 99 D x 106 H cm
  • Fibre-filled back cushion
  • Touch stop anti-entrapment system
  • Lumbar adjustment
  • Choice of soft fabric covers or leather
  • If you have a disability, you may be entitled to claim a VAT refund within 4 years from the end of the taxable period in which you purchased the aid
  • See the link to the Citizen’s information page here
  • Part of our Lift & Rise online chair collection


Number of variations: 6

VAT refunds on mobility aid chairs

If you live in Ireland and have a disability that requires adaptive furniture to help with daily activities, you may be able to claim a refund on the Value Added Tax you pay for a rise and recline chair. Please visit this page from Citizens Information to learn more and find out the requirements and process for availing of this refund through the Revenue service. 

Who should consider a rise and recline chair? 

We’ve already highlighted some reasons why someone might need a riser recliner chair due to mobility needs, aging, and so on, but there are so many reasons you might consider purchasing this type of versatile armchair. For people who work in jobs which require a heavy manual labour, a rise and recline chair can help to alleviate pain and stiffness. They’re also great for anyone who wants a bit more support when they’re ready to relax. 

A rise and recline chair may not be in the cards for you personally just yet, but you may wish to consider whether they might make life easier for an elderly parent or loved one as an ideal gifting option.

Find your dream rise and recline chair at Corcoran’s

If you are in the market for a riser recliner chair, for yourself or for a loved one, Corcoran’s has a selection that will provide reliable comfort and mobility assistance that’s perfect for your home. Shop our selection of lift and rise chairs online or in-store, and add a supportive essential to your living room. 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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