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Rosslare Leather 3 Seater Electric Recliner

Rosslare Leather 3 Seater Electric Recliner

RRP: 1,299.00

  • 200 W x 94 D x 100 H cm
  • Triple the Luxury, None of the Effort: Why manually recline like it’s the 20th century when you can push a button and let the future do the work? The Rosslare Leather 3 Seater Recliner makes laziness a team sport.
  • Couch Potato-Approved: Wrapped in premium leather that’s as easy on the eyes as it is on the derriere. Choose from sophisticated grey or beige to match your living room or your mood.
  • Spacious Enough for Your Friends—or Your Egos: Three seats mean you can enjoy your space or share it, depending on how generous you’re feeling. Perfect for Netflix nights or sprawling solos.
  • A Design That Sticks: Like your favourite catchy tune but for your living room. Clean lines, contemporary vibes, and plush backrests that support you through binge-watching and nap marathons alike.
  • Controls So Simple, Your Cat Could Use Them: With easy-to-use buttons, finding your perfect recline is so effortless, you’ll wonder why all decisions in life aren’t this easy.
  • Built for Comfort, Engineered for Envy: With cushioned seats and padded armrests that hug your body, this recliner is the ultimate in home luxury. Warning: This may cause neighbour envy.
  • Versatile Enough to Make a Chameleon Jealous: Whether it’s the centrepiece of your living room or a luxurious addition to your den, this recliner adapts to its environment faster than you can say “Rosslare.”
  • Part of the stunning Rosslare suite
Number of variations: 2
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The Rosslare Leather 3 Seater Electric Recliner: Because Sharing is Caring (But Comfort is Key)

Who says you can’t have it all? The Rosslare Leather 3 Seater Electric Recliner begs to differ, blending the holy trinity of style, comfort, and technology into one sofa that’s so luxurious, it might just make your other furniture jealous.

Why Choose Between Comfort and Technology?

In the age of smartphones and smart homes, why settle for a sofa that’s anything less? The Rosslare Leather 3 Seater Electric Recliner isn’t just smart; it’s a genius, featuring an electric reclining mechanism that lets you find your perfect comfort zone with the mere press of a button. It’s like having a personal butler, minus the judgement.

Design That Doesn’t Try Too Hard (But Doesn’t Have To)

With its sleek lines and contemporary flair, the Rosslare is the kind of sofa that walks into a room, drops the mic, and leaves everyone speechless. Available in "I can’t believe it’s not butter" beige and "grey matter" grey, it’s a chameleon that knows how to stand out and blend in all at once.

Comfort You Can Count On (Because Who Else Will?)

The Rosslare doesn’t just talk the talk; it walks the walk. With plush backrests, cushioned seats, and padded armrests that cradle your body like a baby (or a very pampered pet), this recliner is the epitome of luxury. It’s so comfortable, you might just cancel your plans. (Who are we kidding? You were looking for an excuse anyway.)

Room for Everyone (Yes, Even That Friend)

Three seats mean triple the fun, making the Rosslare Leather 3 Seater Electric Recliner the ideal spot for Netflix marathons, game nights, or sprawling out when you’ve decided that socialising is overrated. It’s spacious, it’s chic, and it’s ready to be the MVP of your living room.

The Bottom Line

The Rosslare Leather 3 Seater Electric Recliner is a lifestyle choice for those who believe that comfort should never be a compromise. Welcome to the big leagues.

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Weight 104 kg
Dimensions 200 × 94 × 100 cm
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