Sideboards With Drawers

Sideboards With Drawers

Finding splendid sideboards with drawers is easy thanks to Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets.

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Finding splendid sideboards with drawers is easy thanks to Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets. We have excellent products from reputable manufacturers that come in every conceivable style, using materials that are durable and desirable in equal measure. Explore our line-up of sideboards with drawers, and order online right now for home delivery or visit our stores in Kerry and Limerick to see more.

The convenience of sideboards with drawers

A main selling point of sideboards with drawers is that they are the ideal storage solution for a busy home. They give you easy access to all the bits and pieces that might otherwise be cluttering your work surfaces or get tucked away in some other room.

Our range includes:

Solid wood sideboards

Buy sideboards with drawers made from solid woods such as oak and walnut, with designs that range from the retro to the ultra-modern.

Small & large sideboards

A sideboard can come with a single drawer and a cupboard, or several. We even have corner cupboards with integrated drawers for the very smallest spaces, as well as large wall-spanning units that will be an impressive addition to larger rooms; the choice is yours!

Sideboards with glass doors and shelves

If you need a full-blown dresser unit with all you could want from a standard sideboard, along with space to display ornaments, house crockery, and tableware, then Corcoran’s has the right products for you.

All of these special sideboards come in their own distinctive styles, so whether you are looking for a painted sideboard in a particular colour or you prefer natural finishes, there are so many products to choose from that your unique needs will be met.

Other storage options to consider

If you are all set for sideboards, why not see what else Corcoran’s can supply to firm up your storage in other rooms? We have cupboards and wardrobes for the kitchen, bedroom, dining room, and bathroom. We also have standalone storage units that are suitable for the entrance hall and other under-used parts of your home. The variety is impressive, as are the competitive prices.

Call or email for assistance with sideboards

If you are struggling to decide on a sideboard to buy, or you have any other question to ask, please give Corcoran’s a call today on 064 669 1112. You can also reach out to us by using our contact form on our website.

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