Single Bed Headboards

Superb single bed headboards of all styles can be found right here at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets, so whether you want to spruce up the spare room with colourful fabric single headboards or go for a contemporary look with metal single bed headboards, we have got you covered. Home delivery is available across the country, so order yours online today.

Introducing our line-up of splendid single bed headboards

You are not restricted in your choice of single bed headboards when you shop with Corcoran’s, as we have lots of different options to consider, including:

Wooden headboards

Stick with a classic look and feel thanks to wooden headboards for single beds that can be varnished to showcase the natural grain of the material or painted to match the rest of your decor. These headboards are sized to suit standard single beds and come in an array of designs that will appeal to all sorts of customers.

Fabric upholstered headboards

There are lots of reasons to love single bed headboards upholstered in fabric. Aside from the colour variations to consider, there is also the presence of padding that makes them comfortable for sitting up and reading while tucked up under the covers, as well as special features like button detailing that give fabric headboards a stylish edge.

Metal headboards

You cannot go wrong with metal headboards, as in terms of both style and practicality they are hard to beat. In addition to being durable, they can also match styles from different eras, with modern designs sitting comfortably alongside more traditional and retro-inspired looks, so you can get a headboard that suits the room and the rest of the house as well.

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Contact Corcoran’s if you have questions

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