Small Dressing Tables

With small dressing tables available here at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets, you can create a place to prepare for the day even if space in your bedroom is limited. We have all sorts of designs and styles available, so add small vanity tables to your home and enjoy convenient delivery across Ireland. Buy online or visit our stores in Kerry and Limerick.

Small dressing tables, big style statements

The small vanity tables we supply may be diminutive, but they take a no-compromise approach to aesthetic appeal, variety, and build quality.

If you want small dressing tables in neutral tones, we have got you covered, and we also have counterparts in a variety of painted and natural finishes, making it simple to find a match for your decor.

There is also plenty of variety in terms of the materials included and the extra features, such as:

Oak small dressing tables

Painted or plainly varnished, small vanity tables made with oak will not only look great but will be a practical and durable addition to any bedroom.

Small dressing tables with drawers

Store bits and pieces you need for your morning routine close at hand while keeping them out of sight for the sake of neatness, thanks to compact vanity tables that have drawers built into them.

Dressing table sets

Invest in a fully-fledged set of dressing table furniture, including a small table, a matching stool, and even a mirror to go along with it. This all-in-one solution will be one of the most cost-effective ways to furnish your bedroom.

Whichever small scale dressing table you decide on, we can ship it to your door nationwide.

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Looking for something specific?

If you have a particular furniture request or you just want general advice about the best products for you, please contact Corcoran’s by emailing our team or getting in touch on 064 669 1112 and we will give you whatever assistance we can right now.