Small Sofa Beds

Small sofa beds are the ideal blend of practicality, convenience, and stylishness, making them a sensible investment for use in compact rooms and spaces. At Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets, we supply superb compact sofa beds to customers across Ireland, and you can see a huge variety of options on our website or by visiting our stores in Kerry and Limerick.

Stunning small scale sofa beds that will turn heads

While your main motivation for ordering a small sofa bed may be to add an extra place to sleep to your home without taking up too much room, the advantage of buying from Corcoran’s is that our models also don’t skimp on stylishness.

From fabulously colourful fabrics to luxurious leather upholstery, you can find many sofa beds that will suit your decor and earn compliments from visitors.

Various sizes setups available

There are a good number of options to consider in the small sofa beds category, both in terms of the size of the furniture and the way it converts to be bed-ready. Choose between:

Single sofa beds

Large enough for one person to spend the night comfortably, single sofa beds are ideal armchair stand-ins that can be a great addition to spare rooms and kids’ bedrooms, or even to the living room.

Two seater sofa beds

Smaller sofa beds which will seat two people and then convert to allow a pair of adults to spend the night are available from Corcoran’s at competitive prices.

Fold out & flip down designs

Some small sofa beds have fold-out frames and mattresses, while others just let you flip down the backrest to create a sturdy platform for snoozing. The options really do seem endless!

Fill your home with comfortable furniture

Corcoran’s can help you furnish every room of your house, and our sofas and armchairs are just the start.

Everything from dining tables ranging from the retro to the modern, to garden furniture sets, bedside tables, clocks, mirrors, and flooring is encompassed by what we offer. From small projects to complete makeovers, we are here to help.

Ask for more info about our small sofa beds

Corcoran’s can support you as you narrow down your small sofa bed options, so feel free to email us using our contact page or give our friendly team a call today on 064 669 1112 and we will answer any questions.