Solid Wood Dining Tables

From sturdy oak to warm walnut and beyond, the solid wood dining tables available from Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets are just the ticket for transforming your dining space and making it both more stylish and practical for everyday use. See our tables at our stores in Kerry and Limerick or discover more online before ordering for home delivery across Ireland.

Solid wood dining tables – see what all the fuss is about

In terms of quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, it is difficult to beat a solid wood dining table.

What’s more, Corcoran’s has sizes, styles, and designs that are suited to every home and budget, including:

Oak dining tables

Unshakably reliable and effortlessly timeless, oak tables are a permanent addition to any home.

Mahogany dining tables

The gorgeous textures and rich hues of mahogany make it an appealing choice as a material for solid wood dining tables.

Walnut dining tables

Rich and inviting, walnut is a wood that looks good in a number of settings and is certainly rugged enough for use as a dining table material.

Extendable dining tables

Why settle for a dining table made of solid wood that is only suitable for a fixed number of guests? With extendable dining tables, you can have the best of both worlds!

Two-tone dining tables

Natural wood finishes are still popular and widely available, but you can also mix things up with a more modern two-tone look that combines painted and varnished surfaces to great effect.

Plenty of colour combinations are available, so it really is possible to get a dining table that matches your vision of how your home should look, without having to make any compromises.

Looking for other types of furniture?

Corcoran’s is about more than just dining room tables and chairs. We are also proud purveyors of high-quality furniture for the bedroom, living room, bathroom, and garden. From our patio sets to our bed frames, from our flooring to our interior design accessories, every item is chosen with expert care and priced competitively.

Here to help

Whether you need assistance when choosing between dining tables with matching dining chairs or you want to get the lowdown on any of our other products, Corcoran’s is at your service. You can ask questions via email using our contact form, or you can call our team on 064 669 1112.