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What Styling Options do I Have when Buying Console Tables?

Console tables are a workhorse for your home. With plenty to offer for both your living and dining areas, console tables are a must-have furniture item bringing decorative as well as functional appeal. You can even use them in other places in your home, like the entryway, a utility room… anywhere that could use a stylish and practical accent along a wall or against a sofa! 

When you’re buying console tables, you will want to make the most of this versatile furniture type in terms of incorporating it into your home decor and also taking advantage of its many practical functions. Read on for some of our best advice for styling console tables in any room of your home. 

Introduce your home with console tables

One of our favourite ways to utilise a console table in your home is to create an entryway display that sets the tone for your space. Even a small entryway can get a big dash of style from a lovely console table display. Because console tables are narrow, they’re a great option for your hall no matter the amount of space you have to work with. 

Choose your console table carefully because it will introduce visitors to the overall look of your home decor. If you’re aiming for an ultra-modern space, opt for sleek and futuristic console tables. If you want a charming cottagecore look, you’ll prefer a traditional wooden console table with a white or cream painted finish. 

The accessories you use to create your display will also work in coordination with the console table you choose. You should have a bowl or tray that brings a practical element to the setup, giving you a place to set down keys and the other essentials you’ll want within easy reach  as you head out the door. Then add stylish elements like figurines, photo frames, and other decorative items that will welcome you and your visitors into your home. 

Set up a stylish home bar 

Another fabulous way to combine practical and visual elements with console tables in your home is to create a chic home bar that’s great for entertaining. A console table with drawers or lower shelves can be a great way to keep track of cocktail-making essentials or, for a non-alcoholic alternative, your favourite array of tea bags or coffee beans. 

Creating a home bar setup with your console table is simple — you can use beautiful bottles, charming cups, and other practical pieces to decorate your console table while also keeping everything you need to be the host with the most well-organised and close at hand. 

We recommend topping your console table with a decorative serving tray. Not only is a decorative tray a great base for a lovely setup, creating a cohesive look with whatever you add to it, but then you can also use it to bring your tea or cocktails to the coffee table or side table with ease. 

Pair console tables with practical accessories 

As we said above, the thing we love about console tables is that they are great for setting up a beautiful visual display, but that they also offer so much in terms of practical appeal. And when you use your console table as a base for the right functional accessories, you get the best of both worlds for your home decor.
Two practical pieces we love to add to console tables are lamps and mirrors. Setting a lamp on a console table is an ideal way to add another light source to a room or hallway. Because console tables are generally situated alongside a wall, topping a console table with a lamp is perfect for bringing soft ambient lighting to your space. 

A mirror is also a great option for console tables. If you’re setting a console table in your entryway, having a mirror is key so that you can check your hair or put the finishing touches on your outfit before you walk out the door. In a narrow hallway or small room, a mirror propped on a console table or mounted on the wall just behind it can also help your space feel larger. And if you pair a mirror and a lamp together, the mirror will reflect the light and bring an extra touch of brightness to any room. 

Shop gorgeous console tables and more at Corcoran’s

At Corcoran’s Furniture, we stock a fantastic range of console tables that are well suited to any home decor aesthetic. From traditional to contemporary, you can find console tables online or in our Kerry and Limerick stores that will upgrade your hallway, your living room, your dining area, or any other room that could use a stylish boost. 

Plus, with our stylish range of accessories and home decor, Corcoran’s is your one-stop shop for everything you need to create a stunning console table setup with practical appeal, elegant style, and a welcoming atmosphere for your home. 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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