Tall Side Tables Bring Height to Sofaside

A small, low-profile side table is often the perfect companion to your sofa or chair, creating a space to set a lamp or book and adding a convenient surface next to your favourite seating. However, you may find you need something slightly larger and more imposing for some areas. Maybe you have a higher sofa, need to fill the corner of a room, or want space for storage underneath. That’s where tall side tables come in. Available from Corcoran’s and offered for delivery across Ireland, tall side tables can be your new favourite companion for relaxing in the evening or any time of day. 

Tall lamp tables to add to any room

Perfect for sitting beside a stately sofa, adding height to a small lamp, or filling up an empty space in the corner of a room, tall side tables are an infinitely alluring option with functional appeal. Like their more compact counterparts, we offer tall end tables in a range of materials and styles, including: 

Wood side tables

Wood is a classic choice for side tables, and our tall side tables are no exception. Find lovely wood examples that are suited for traditional or modern homes, with heights that make them ideal for pairing with larger furniture and spaces. 

Metal side tables

For an industrial or contemporary look, a metal end table is a great choice, and our tall side tables in metal let you evoke this aesthetic in a larger variation on an ideal end table. 

Tall nests of tables

With nesting tables, the set will range from smaller or larger to accommodate their stacking nature. Choose a nest of tables in which the largest piece is a tall side table for when you need a mix of heights in your room. 

Tall side tables and other furniture favourites at Corcoran’s 

A tall side table might be just the thing you need to complete your home decor revamp, but with the Corcoran’s collection you can let your imagination run wild and fulfil all your interior design dreams with items from across our range. Shop for living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture, opt for a floor-to-ceiling refresh with carpets and flooring, and accessorise to your heart’s content. 

We’ll help you find the best tall side tables

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