Tall Vases – for Flowers, Artificial Plants & Pampas Grass Display

Take a gander at the tall vases available from Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets. Our range includes all sorts of materials and designs for customers who want to showcase blooms in their homes in a way that really turns heads. We deliver tall vases throughout Ireland, and our stores in Kerry and Limerick are also a great place to visit to view vases in person.

Terrific tall vases of many kinds to consider

With a wealth of tall vases on offer, you can choose whichever option best suits the rest of your decor and is in keeping with your personal tastes, including:

Tall glass vases

Always a popular choice, tall glass vases can come in a multitude of styles, ranging from simple and elegant to more opulently designed and colourful. Find excellent examples made by master craftspeople, as well as cost-effective options that will not take the attention away from the flowers they contain.

Ceramic & stoneware vases

Tall vases produced with ceramic and stoneware materials are not only historically intriguing because of their connection to ancient production techniques but are also appealing for their versatility and aesthetic variety. Whether you want tall vases that are attractive enough to be ornamental on their own, or you need a more neutral container for bold blooms, Corcoran’s has got you covered.

Of course, tall vases are not just for holding flower bouquets and live cuttings but can also be a great place to display ornamental grasses and anything else you fancy adding to them. You can match your choice to the item you expect to display in the vase or think carefully about how this accessory will fit in with the rest of your furniture; the choice is yours!

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