Triple Bunk Beds

When two beds that take up the space of one is not enough, why not go a step further with the help of triple bunk beds available at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets? Whether you want to maximise the use of space every day, or a place for kids and adults to stay for overnight stints, we have got you covered.

Lots of triple bunk beds to choose between

Picking triple bunk beds is a breeze with Corcoran’s, as you have plenty of choice in terms of design, style, and configuration.

First, let’s talk about materials and finishes. Lots of people will want wooden triple bunk beds that have a classic finish, allowing the natural grain of the pine or oak to show through. You can also find painted wood units, that can help when matching triple bunk beds to the rest of your decor.

Metal framed bunk beds are also a good choice, offering excellent durability and overall sturdiness as well as providing different colours and finishes as well.

Next, it is worth considering the configuration of triple bunk beds, because there is more variety than you might imagine. For example, while some units will stack sleepers in the traditional way, others will instead be a combination of a double bed down below, with a single above, that is perfect for single-child families.

Sizes & other considerations

A final aspect to note about our bunk beds in this range is that they come in a number of sizes, with different footprints as a result and that the dimensions vary depending on whether you primarily intend to accommodate adults or children.

Whichever you choose, you can be sure that the quality will be exceptional thanks to the care we put into selecting our furniture products.

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