TV Storage

If the TV is the hub of your sitting room, it makes sense to pair it with furniture that will complement its specific size and features, as well as providing you with a place to keep all the accessories and accoutrements that come with entertainment tech. At Corcoran’s, you can find TV storage solutions of many styles and designs at great prices.

Tons of TV storage options available

Whether you are looking for a modern TV storage unit or one that is more traditional in its design, Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets can help. We have a multitude of models to consider, including:

Wooden TV storage

You can buy a TV unit made with high-quality woods like oak and outfitted with built-in storage for games, DVDs, and set-top boxes. Opt for a painted finish or a natural look, depending on your tastes and preferences.

Glass TV storage

Glass is a great material both for its attractiveness and its easy-to-clean convenience, and it is especially well suited to use in TV units because it can look just as sleek and modern as your latest-generation television. Visit our glass TV units page here.

Corner TV storage

Get completely convenient storage for various multimedia devices that will fit into the corner of a room, rather than sitting flush against a wall. A similarly varied array of materials and finishes are on offer, so matching your existing decor will be a breeze thanks to Corcoran’s.

You will also be able to choose your storage solutions based on the kinds of storage setup you prefer. From cupboards and drawers to glass-fronted cabinets and shelving, you will have so many combinations to weigh up, with every example made to the same high standards by our manufacturing partners.

Storage solutions for every room

From kitchen cupboards and sideboards to dressers and wardrobes suitable for the bedroom and hallway, Corcoran’s is the place to find storage-focused furniture for your home.

We also have lots of other products to consider, from garden furniture and flooring to sofa beds, mattresses, recliners, and beyond. Home delivery is available across Ireland, so getting new furniture is a breeze.

How to get in touch with us

To get your questions answered and to find out more about all the products we supply, please feel free to drop Corcoran’s an email using our contact form or give us a call on 064 669 1112 to speak with our team today.