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TV Tables – Calculating the Perfect Size for Your Room

Every furniture expert and interior designer agrees: one of the most important aspects of buying furniture is getting the right measurements. There’s no point in buying the sofa of your dreams if it won’t fit in your living room! 

When it comes to TV stands, you not only have to consider the space you have to furnish, but also the size of your television and the positioning of your other furniture. With so many factors to keep in mind, it can be intimidating to select the perfect TV tables for your home. 

But we’ve made it easy with our guide to choosing the right size for your room. Read on to learn more! 

Find the dimensions of your television

When you are buying a new television, you will naturally choose a measurement. Generally listed in inches, this number refers to the diagonal dimension of the TV. So if you are purchasing a 24”, a 32”, or a 55” television, you are buying a TV with that measurement from the bottom left to top right of the screen. Additionally, this number only refers to the screen size, not the frame around it. 

The best way to get the dimensions of your television is either to read the manufacturer’s specifications or to measure it yourself with a measuring tape or ruler. The reason you need this is because the actual width of your television will be important in determining the correct size of tv tables. 

Figure out the best width for TV stands

Once you have the width of your television, you can choose the right height for your TV stand. Ideally, your TV tables will be the same size or slightly larger than your televisions, because if the TV is overhanging the stand it will look out of proportion. 

The width of your TV will be a bit smaller than its diagonal width, so you can determine the ideal width of your TV table based on this figure. For example, a 32” television’s actual width is 27.9” (70.9 cm) so a stand a few centimeters larger than this will be the correct size. 

Note: If you want a corner TV stand, then you also need to consider the depth of the stand and measure the amount of room you have between the wall and the edges of the television so the TV doesn’t bump the wall. 

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Choose the correct TV table height

The ideal height for your television is, naturally, eye level (or slightly lower). While some people prefer to position their television higher, such as over the mantle, for most people eye level is the most comfortable way to watch TV. 

To determine the right height for your television, sit in your chair or sofa and measure the height from floor to eye level. If you have seating of varying heights, measure from the one you sit in the most or take the average of all the heights. 

The best TV table will be the one that puts your television at the right height. However, with some TV units you are meant to mount the television on the wall behind it, so if this is what you are planning to do with your television you will want a shorter TV unit so it does not block the screen. 

Ensure the ideal viewing distance

Sitting too close to the television can cause eye strain, while sitting too far away can make it difficult to see. When you are choosing the depth of your TV table and the location of it in your room, you will want to ensure there is ample space — but not too much — between the television and your seating. 

The larger your television, the larger the distance you will need between screen and seating, and therefore the more space you will need in your living room (although obviously you can fill the space between with a coffee table). If you want a particularly large television and you have a small room to put it in, you might consider a corner TV unit or a wall-mounted television in order to maximise your space. 

Every size and style of TV tables can be found at Corcoran’s

You might be shopping for a new TV stand and television together, or you may be changing the style of your living room and looking for TV tables to suit an existing TV. With this guide, finding the right size for your television and your sitting room will be a breeze. 

Whatever size you decide is best for your television, and whatever type of TV unit is ideal for your decorating aesthetic, you can find the perfect TV stands at Corcoran’s Furniture. Shop TV tables in-store or online, then sit back and relax with your ideal entertainment setup. 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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