Wall Clocks

Keep your eye on the time and make any space look stylish with the wonderful line-up of wall clocks available to browse and buy here at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets. We have excellent wall clocks of all shapes and sizes to consider, so whether you want a cool, contemporary clock or a more traditional design, we have plenty of great options.

Introducing you to the world of wall clocks

With the array of wall clocks to choose from at Corcoran’s, you really can get the best product, whatever your needs. We have all sorts of clocks to browse and shop for, such as:

Vintage-inspired wall clocks

Let a classic clock design adorn your walls with our brand-new clocks that are styled to suit retro and vintage design eras. Whether you are looking for 20th-century chic or splendour from an earlier era, Corcoran’s has gorgeous options to enhance your decor.

Modern wall clocks

For that up-to-date look that is both stylish and sturdy, our modern wall clocks will tick all the boxes. Choose from a selection of different colours, clock face configurations, and sizes, including compact unobtrusive units and large, attention-grabbing counterparts. All sorts of materials also appear in this range, from natural woods to burnished and brushed metals, so you can let your imagination run wild.

There are many other choices to make when choosing clocks to mount on your wall. Do you want Roman numerals on the face or analogue digits? Do you want a colourful clock face, a plain white one, or even one that features a picture or illustration? Do you want ornate detailing or something much simpler? You can find clocks with all these varieties and more at Corcoran’s. If you want to see our clocks in person, visit our stores in Kerry and Limerick.

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Call or email if you need assistance

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