White Mirrors

Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets is the place to go if you want to buy white mirrors online and get them delivered to your door across Ireland. Our line-up of white framed mirrors is extensive and includes small and large white mirrors alike, while also offering a variety of designs and shapes so you can match your mirror to your decor.

Which white mirrors will grab your attention?

With so many white framed mirrors to consider at Corcoran’s, you will be able to choose products that are to your taste and designed to meet any particular wishes on your list.

For example, our range features:

Wall mirrors

White mirrors mounted on the wall can be an excellent inclusion above a mantelpiece, in a hallway, or in any other part of your home where you want to accessorise with a piece that is as functional as it is attractive. Of course, adding white mirrors to a room will make space seem bigger in an instant, which is always a good thing for smaller nooks.

Full length mirrors

We have both freestanding and wall mountable large white mirrors, designed to give you a full length overview of your reflection that is especially well suited to the bedroom or the bathroom.

Ornate mirrors

Just because white mirrors have a relatively neutral frame colour, that does not preclude them from being innately decorative in their design. This is helped by the variety of shapes available, as well as the different frame styles, ranging from retro to modern. Choose rectangular, round, and oval mirrors at Corcoran’s, or seek out some of the more unusual shapes in our range.

Lots of other furniture available online & in-store

Corcoran’s is also able to offer customers furniture and accessories for all parts of the home, encompassing every style and budget. From the latest fabric sofas and footstools to dressing tables, wardrobes and garden furniture sets, you can see all these and many more options besides on our website or by visiting our stores in Kerry and Limerick.

How to get in touch with us

Contacting Corcoran’s is a great way to ask questions about our furniture and to receive general guidance if you are unsure about the product to pick, so please call 064 669 1112 or email us instead for friendly advice from our experienced team.