White Sideboards

Finding the perfect white sideboards doesn’t have to be wishful thinking, as at Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets we have a whole range of pale-coloured storage solutions for your dining and living rooms. Browse white sideboards here on our site or see them for yourself at our stores in Kerry and Limerick; then order today for convenient delivery nationwide.

Wonderful white sideboards of all sizes

No matter the space you need to fill or the number of items you want to store, our family of white sideboards offers plenty of choice to match your requirements. It includes:

Large white sideboards

With cupboards and drawers, as well as plenty of surface area on top for placing photos and ornaments, larger examples of our white sideboards are both beautiful and practical. They are ideal for customers who want to keep everyday clutter organised and out of sight.

Compact sideboards

For smaller spaces, or for those who simply prefer a modestly proportioned sideboard, our compact white units will look good and offer a less obtrusive footprint as well.

Styles, materials & other aspects to consider

A white-coloured sideboard may be on your wish list because it matches the rest of your decor, but there are other factors at play.

For example, do you want a painted wood sideboard or one that has a washed finish instead? Do you prefer metal or wood as the main material? Is there a particular style of sideboard that ticks the boxes for you, whether modern or vintage-inspired?

The fact is that Corcoran’s can provide all this choice and excellent quality as well, at competitive price points for customers across the entire country.

Cast your eye over our extensive product range

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