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Why are Bedside Cabinets an Essential Addition to any Bedroom?

Every room has essential furniture items. While there are plenty of furniture types that make a great addition to a room and are nice to have, there are some you absolutely need for each area of your home. A dining room isn’t a dining room without a table, and what’s a living room without a sofa or at least an armchair? 

When it comes to your bedroom, there are more must-haves than most. Naturally, a bed is number one — you absolutely need somewhere to sleep. Ideally you will have a wardrobe for your clothes, but if you have a very small bedroom and are short on space, you may be able to substitute it for a clothing rail or another alternative; however, whatever style of storage you choose, it is definitely essential that you have somewhere to put your clothing.

What about bedside cabinets? While this furniture type isn’t as essential to your bedroom as your bed or clothing storage, we still feel that it is a key element to a comfortable and well-organised sleep space. Read on to learn why we love bedside cabinets, and how you can incorporate them into your bedroom setup. 

Bedside cabinets offer an essential surface beside your bed

The main function of bedroom cabinets (or nightstands, or bedside lockers or tables) is to provide a place for you to set down anything you need when you’re getting ready for bed. A glass of water, a mug of tea, your cell phone, or a good book — keep everything close at hand beside your bed. 

Bedside cabinets also offer a tabletop where you can place a lamp next to your bed. If you like to read in bed, having a bedside lamp is important for providing adequate task lighting and preventing eye strain. However, even if you’re not reading a book, you will want a lamp on your nightstand so that you don’t have to get out of bed to turn off the light when you’re warm and cosy under your duvet. 

Having a bedside table can also help to make your daily routine easier. If you have medication that you take every day, or if you are trying to get in the habit of taking a multivitamin, drinking a glass of water when you wake up, or adding something else into your early morning or late night routines, putting what you need right next to you for when you wake up or are about to fall asleep will serve as a good reminder. 

Use bedside cabinets to store personal items 

What sets bedside cabinets apart from bedside tables is that, by definition, they offer storage. Usually this is in the form of a compartment with a hinged door, but bedside tables may also have shelves or drawers as well. 

While the tabletop is ideal for holding items you want right next to your bed, the advantage of the closed storage that bedside cabinets offer is that you can keep all those essential items close at hand without cluttering up your space.

Tucking away bottles of vitamins or stacks of magazines will give your room a clean and organised look while still allowing you to reach them easily when you want them. And with bedside cabinets, you can also store personal items that you don’t want to be visible to anyone who might walk into the room, with the closed-door design offering more privacy than an open shelf or plain tabletop. 

Matching bedside cabinets helps tie a room together

As we mentioned at the beginning, a bed and a place to store your clothes are the two true essentials for furnishing your bedroom. However, a bedroom with only those items will look very bland and uninviting indeed. It is the other items of furniture like bedside cabinets, dressing tables, and mirrors that help to finish the look of a bedroom and make it a welcoming space to sleep and relax. 

You can often buy bedside cabinet as part of a full range of bedroom furniture, meaning that you can match every element of your room from the bed to the nightstand to the wardrobe and create an effortlessly coordinated look. 

However, even if you are not shopping an entire bedroom collection, two matching bedside cabinets are a great way to create symmetry in your space. Choose two that reflect the vibe you are after for your bedroom style, whether that’s traditional, modern, or somewhere in between. 

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Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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