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Why Buy Lamps Rather Than Use Lighting?

When you are considering how you will light a room, we always recommend including a variety of lighting types. Primary, secondary, and tertiary lighting are all important for overall ambience as well as providing you enough brightness for specific tasks. You can read our previous blog post to learn more about the different types of lighting and the purpose they serve in illuminating a room. 

While we do recommend a combination of both lamps and overhead lighting, there are some reasons why you might want to particularly focus on one over the other, and why you might want to buy lamps in particular for a room. Read on for advice from our interior design experts and then shop lamps and lighting online now to brighten up your space in style. 

Save on energy with focused lighting from lamps

Overhead lighting is key when you want to illuminate an entire room, such as when you are hanging out with friends and family in the living room or preparing and eating a meal in the kitchen. However, when you are simply reading a book in bed or working on a focused task in a small portion of your space, it can seem wasteful to light the whole room with overhead lighting. 

This is where it makes sense to buy lamps that will allow you to focus the lighting you need, exactly where you need it. Using a number of lamps across your room allows you to only turn on the ones you need for a specific area or purpose, and will help save on your energy bills as well as providing adequate brightness for the tasks at hand. 

Use lamps to change your decor with ease

Overhead and fixed lighting are wonderful ways to set the tone for a room. A row of wall sconces down a hallway can invite you into a home, and a set of pendant lights above your dining table offers the ideal ambient lighting for the space. 

However, wall and ceiling mounted lighting do have limitations in terms of flexibility. When you’re first designing a room, or when you’re renovating a space, you will have the opportunity to incorporate fixed lighting, but adding it in later can require a lot more work as you may need an electrician to change interior wiring. 

In contrast, floor and desk lamps can be easily moved around to change the look and lighting of your space. All you need is a convenient outlet — or an extension lead — and you can put them anywhere you want in a room. 

Buy lamps to bring style to your space

One of the obvious benefits of lamps over overhead lighting is the huge variety of styles and details you can choose to perfectly suit your decor preferences. While there are a number of choices for ceiling light fixtures in terms of shape and mounting hardware, the options are much smaller than the vast number of choices available for table and floor lamps. 

Whether your decor leans toward the traditional or the ultra-modern, the industrial-inspired or the vintage glam, you are sure to be able to find lamps that will match your aesthetic. Choose bases made from a whole host of different materials, and shades crafted from a spectrum of options as well. Select from a rainbow of hues, also, and buy lamps to match any colour palette you choose for a room. 

Direct light just where you want it with lamps

For the most part, overhead lighting is static. With the exception of dimmers, it will generally always offer the same brightness, and it usually can’t be moved in various directions to illuminate different areas of a room. 

On the other hand, when you buy lamps with adjustable necks or spotlight-style floor lamps, you can send the light exactly where you need it. This makes desk and floor lamps ideal for task lighting, ensuring that you have adequate brightness for work or study that won’t lead to discomfort or eye strain. 

Furthermore, you can move lamps as needed if you need more light in a particular area, for a particular task, such as keeping a floor lamp in the corner that you can reposition closer to a sofa when you need light for reading, then move it farther away again when you’re watching television. 

Buy lamps and lighting online at Corcoran’s

Illuminate any room of your home in style with the gorgeous selection of lamps and lighting available at Corcoran’s Furniture. With traditional and contemporary floor and table lamps, you are sure to find the perfect pieces to brighten up your space. 

Shop online now or visit our Kerry and Limerick stores to see our lighting selections in person and take your dream lamps home today. Plus, chat to our interior design experts and learn how to light your space for every occasion.

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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