Wood Bedside Tables

Oak & Pine Wooden Tables from Corcoran’s

Looking for wood bedside tables that not only suit your personal tastes but also fit the room as a whole? Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has a large selection of high quality, competitively priced wooden bedside tables for you. From the modern to the traditional, all sorts of designs and finishes are available, and we also offer home delivery across Ireland.

Choose from a large selection of wood bedside tables

When you shop for wooden bedside tables at Corcoran’s, your options are extensive. First and foremost, you might want to narrow down your search according to the kind of material you prefer.

Perhaps oak is your ideal solid wood, or maybe you are more interested in the appeal of pine? Maybe you are looking for a classically designed and finished mahogany bedside table, or is acacia wood more up your street? Whatever the case, the wood bedside tables found here have all of the bases covered, with build quality consistently high across the board.

The colour and finish of wooden bedside lockers is another useful point of comparison. You might be interested in painted units, with solid colours and two-tone combos to consider. You might prefer to see the natural grain of the wood or embrace a mixture of finishes and materials. Once again, Corcoran’s has got wooden bedside tables to tick all the right boxes.

Storage configurations galore

Another defining factor of wood bedside tables is the amount of storage they offer and the way this is configured.

Simple tables with a top surface for placing clocks, lamps, and reading material, in addition to a drawer below for de-cluttering purposes, are always popular. We also have multi-drawer lockers that can house even more items out of sight, or tables that combine drawers with cupboards and even shelves.

More fab furniture to stumble upon

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