Wood Lamp Tables

Wood lamp tables can look good in any room, giving you a place to put additional lighting, ornaments, photos, and other everyday items. Corcoran’s has a variety of wood lamp tables to explore, with so many styles available on our website that you are sure to find the right piece of furniture to go with the rest of your decor.

Introducing our range of wood lamp tables

At Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets, your choice of wood lamp tables is exceptional, as the line-up includes:

Oak lamp tables

Sturdy and stylish, oak is a popular choice for plenty of furniture products. As a material for a lamp table, it is certainly sensible. It can be painted in an array of colours or left with its natural grain. If you have a particular design in mind, Corcoran’s has the right product waiting to meet your needs.

Walnut & acacia lamp tables

Our wood lamp tables are available in other woods aside from oak, with walnut and acacia being just two of the other sought-after examples. Whatever finish you want, and regardless of the other elements you are interested in for your living space, our family of lamp tables will be varied enough to suit.

Lamp tables with storage

Another aspect of lamp tables made with wood that is worth bearing in mind is that many offer additional storage. This can come in the form of a drawer, a cupboard, shelving, or a combination of all three. Retro and modern designs alike are available, so no matter what kind of storage you are hoping to invest in, check the Corcoran’s site to see if we can supply it.

Fabulous furniture delivered to your door

Corcoran’s offers home delivery across Ireland, making it easy to get everything from sofas and recliners to dining tables and patio sets shipped to your doorstep. We also stock plenty of other products, including sideboards, dressers, TV units, bed frames, headboards, kid’s furniture, and lots more besides, so scouting out your next purchase is extremely easy with our help.

Call or email the friendly Corcoran’s team for assistance

We will happily help out if you have a question about wooden lamp tables or any of our products, so feel free to drop us a line using our contact form, or by giving us a call on 064 669 1112 for a quick chat.