Wooden Mirrors – A Nice Collection Comprising Various Woods, Including Oak

Wood framed mirrors make a great addition to lots of places around the home, and Corcoran’s Furniture & Carpets has wooden mirrors aplenty to browse and buy online or to see at our stores in Kerry and Limerick. All shapes and sizes of wooden mirrors are available in our collection, and there are many materials and finishes to compare and contrast here as well.

A world of wooden mirrors to uncover

At Corcoran’s, one of our aims is to give customers as much choice as possible, and this is certainly true of our wood framed mirrors. The line-up includes options such as:

Free standing mirrors

Full length wooden mirrors made with their own floor-standing frames are a good choice for bedrooms, letting you check your outfit unhindered by the size of the panel. There are classic and contemporary designs in this category, including wood framed mirrors made with materials such as mahogany and oak. Some of our free standing units have storage built into the frame as well, letting you optimise your use of space even further.

Wall mirrors

Wooden mirrors made for wall mounting are a persistently popular option with our customers, and again the selection is extensive. From simple units with neutral white frames to more ornate equivalents with gold and silver painted frames, you can match your choice to your own preferences.

Large & small mirrors

Our wooden mirrors do not come in a narrow band of size options but instead range from the seriously compact to the undeniably expansive. As well as size varieties galore, there are also wooden mirrors of different shapes to select, from rectangular to round and beyond, so you will be able to find the right mirror for your home right here.

All sorts of high-quality furniture to consider

Corcoran’s supplies superb furniture at competitive prices to customers across Ireland and our range encompasses the likes of office desks and chairs for comfortable, productive remote working setups, as well as sofas, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture, and a wealth of accessories to go along with all of these.

Got a question? Corcoran’s can help you out

Furniture-related queries are handled by our experienced team when you call for a chat on 064 669 1112, or when you get in touch with Corcoran’s using our email form. You can also get more product information when you contact us.