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Stylish Modern Bedroom Furniture Trending in 2022

Looking for the best modern bedroom furniture trends to refresh your home this year? Look no further! If you’re ready to give your bedroom an update with plenty of style, we’ve compiled some of our favourite bedroom trends this year. Enjoy contemporary flair when you incorporate modern bedroom furniture favourites into your interior design choices. Read on for our top tips for bringing of-the-moment style to your space.

Gorgeous green decor shows no sign of going away

At the very start of 2022, we wrote about how green decor is growing (pun intended) in popularity due to our desire to bring the outdoors into our home decor and furnish our spaces with nature-inspired, botanical beauty. 

Well, green decor is still one of the hottest trends for bedrooms — and for any room in your home. Whether you opt for a lush, leaf-pattern rug or wallpaper, plush bedding in shades of green like sage or emerald, or you bring green into your space with a velvet accent chair or an upholstered headboard, green furniture or decor is perfect for adding nature-inspired style to modern bedroom furniture. 

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Accent chairs add alternative seating options to your space

Your bedroom has always been a place for relaxation, and this is more important than ever in the age of remote working. If you work from home, particularly if you share your space with family, loved ones, or housemates, it is important to maintain a good work-life balance. Making your bedroom into an oasis of calm can be a key component of setting those all-important boundaries. 

Because you might be using your bedroom more frequently during the daytime or for reasons other than sleep, you might find yourself wanting to sit somewhere other than your bed when you’re reading a book, watching TV, or otherwise having leisure time. 

That’s why accent chairs have become a modern bedroom furniture trend for 2022. More compact than a traditional armchair, and designed to suit a variety of decor styles, an accent chair can add both sophistication and functional appeal to your bedroom. 

Simple bedding brings timeless appeal to modern bedroom furniture

Maximalists, look away. While recent years have seen bold patterns and vibrant motifs make appearances in your duvet covers and sheets, 2022’s modern bedroom furniture trend leans more towards less is more.

In conjunction with the above mindset of giving your bedroom a peaceful, soothing ambiance to help you escape the day, plush bedding in soft, neutral, or pastel colours, offers a calming element for your bedroom decor. Instead of mixing patterns, try mixing soft textures like faux fur and wool to create a cosy, layered look. 

If you’re not willing to give up your printed bedding though, never fear! This trend will also allow you to create an artistic contrast in your space. If you have plain bedding that needs a touch of pizazz, add colourful cushions and throw pillows to brighten up your bed. On the other hand, if your sheets are bold and bright, take the edge off the look with pillows or throws that offer gentle hues and touchably soft textures. 

Invest in quality for modern bedroom furniture that lasts 

As a result of increased time spent at home over the last few years, one of 2022’s trends for modern bedroom furniture is to make an investment in high-quality furniture that is worth the splurge. We are coming to realise that well-designed, well-made furniture that is built to last is worth more in the long run than pieces that need to be replaced frequently. 

Obviously, it may not be in everyone’s budgets to revamp your entire bedroom with artisan pieces, but investing in a few key modern bedroom furniture items such as your bed or wardrobe can set the tone for your room and set up your space for long-term success. 

Additionally, while this isn’t necessarily a ‘style’ trend, you can also use your investment choices to inform the rest of your bedroom decor. You will want to choose investment pieces that aren’t overly trend-focused so that they will always look great with any future decor setup. This means that you can use accessories and smaller items to bring that on-trend feel to your room. 

Modern bedroom furniture and more at Corcoran’s

Green decor, soft bedding, and investment-worthy furniture — you can find it all (and more!) at Corcoran’s Furniture. Kit out a bedroom from top to bottom with everything from flooring to beds to all the right accessories to finish your room. 

Shop our collection of bedroom furniture online now, or visit your nearest Corcoran’s showroom in Kerry or Limerick to see more. Not sure how to incorporate your favourite modern bedroom furniture trends into your space? Get in touch with our expert team and we’ll answer all your questions on furniture and interior design.

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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