5 Applications and Uses of Outdoors Furniture

5 Applications and Uses of Outdoors Furniture

There’s nothing nicer than sitting outdoors on a sunny day, and a great garden furniture set up — from stylish swing chairs to decadent dining sets — is key in creating a fabulous outside space. At Corcoran’s we have a great range of garden furniture to shop online and in store, ready for quick delivery so you can take advantage of the warmer weather that’s on the way. 

But outdoors furniture can be even more versatile than you might expect! 

We’ve gathered up 5 of our favourite ways to use garden furniture, from the traditional to the uncommon, that will help you transform your outdoor (and indoor!) spaces in style. Read on for our top tips to utilise outdoors furniture this summer and all year round. 

1. Set up your outdoor oasis

The most traditional use for outdoor furniture is, obviously, to use it outdoors. When you’re considering the best garden furniture for your home and where you want to situate it, you have a lot of options. A garden furniture set can enhance any part of your yard, but one of the best ways to utilise it is to create a calm space where you can hide away and relax from the world, simply enjoying your outdoor space. 

Rather than putting your outdoors furniture in full view of your windows or in the centre of your patio, you might consider tucking it away into a corner of your yard and turning it into a place to enjoy quiet contemplation away from the bustle of daily life. 

2. Host an al fresco dinner party

Outdoor dining sets are a popular pick when it comes to garden furniture, but how often do we actually use them to have a meal? While you might sit at your outdoor table for the occasional backyard barbecue or quick lunch, the changeable Irish weather may make you hesitant to organise a more traditional meal. 

But even without the guarantee of sun and heat, there are plenty of ways you can use your outdoors furniture to host a great dinner party under the stars. A heat lamp or biofire will add light and warmth, as well as setting the mood for an inviting evening. Or layer up with throws to keep things cosy long into the night — just make sure to bring them back inside when you’re finished up for the evening. 

3. Create a cosy nook indoors

When the weather gets too cold and blustery to enjoy your garden furniture out-of-doors, rather than pack it away for the season, why not repurpose it into an indoor space? Rattan furniture and blended indoor/outdoor spaces are both huge trends for interior design at the moment, and the styling of contemporary garden furniture translates effortlessly into home decor for your interiors. 

Egg and swing chairs are another great way to bring the outdoors in and get great use of your outdoors furniture beyond the summer. Turn a corner into a cosy reading nook with an egg chair, some comfy cushions, and an end table, where you can keep a lamp and a cup of tea close at hand for while you curl up and read. 

4. Style up a sunroom 

If you have a solarium or even just an area of your home with big windows that gets a lot of natural light, garden furniture can be a stylish and durable option. Because most garden furniture is UV-resistant, it is designed to hold up to long periods of sunlight without fading, making it great for rooms that see a lot of light during the day. 

Creating a sunroom setup with your outdoors furniture is also a great option for ‘bringing the outdoors in,’ which is one of the year’s biggest home interiors trends. While your ability to enjoy your garden furniture outside is somewhat dependent on the weather, if you create an indoor space using a rattan table and chairs or an on-trend egg chair, you can kick back and relax, rain or shine. 

5. Make the most of a small garden

If you’re lucky enough to have a spacious yard, you can really kit out your outdoor space with a large dining set or an array of egg chairs. But even if your garden is compact, if you’re looking to spruce up a balcony, or if you’re simply trying to get the most out of a small yard, garden furniture can be a great option. 

With outdoor pieces of various sizes, you have plenty of options that will suit your yard no matter how big or small. You might also want to consider pairing your table or chairs with a carpet of artificial grass — in a compact yard or to bring a touch of green to a balcony, you can achieve a lovely and low-maintenance look with ease.

Shop outdoors furniture and get set up for every season at Corcoran’s

There’s still time to get set up for summer with garden furniture from Corcoran’s, and with our advice you can also find the best ways to utilise it year-round as well! Shop outdoor furniture online now, or visit us in our Kerry and Limerick stores to find all the best options, as well as accessories and flooring to finish your outdoor space in style. 

Lauren Mateer

Lauren Mateer

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