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Abigail 1.8m Sliding Wardrobe

Abigail 1.8m Sliding Wardrobe

RRP: 1,199.00

  • 180 W x 65 D x 223 H cm
  • 223 H cm (also available in 197 cm or 235 H cm on request)
  • Mirror-Clad Majesty: Double mirrored doors glide with grace, reflecting style and space.
  • Customisable Chic: Mix and match from three colour palettes or opt for the Sanremo Oak elegance.
  • Interior Ingenuity: Comes standard with adaptable hanging rails and shelves for tailored tidiness.
  • Versatile Veneer: The 1.8m Abigail Sliding Wardrobe fits seamlessly into diverse decor, from minimalist to grandiose.
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  • Assembly services are available on request. Fees apply
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Number of variations: 2
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The Abigail 1.8m Sliding Wardrobe: A Reflection of Elegance

Revel in the sleek sophistication of the Abigail 1.8m Sliding Wardrobe—where convenience meets chic and every reflection is a statement. Its statuesque form commands attention without a whisper, while the mirrored façade multiplies your room's charm.

Mirrored Grace

At the heart of Abigail's allure are the grand mirrored doors, gliding with the silence of a courtly dance. They don't just reflect your impeccable taste; they bring a touch of light-infused magic to your chamber.

Colour Your World

Why settle for one hue when you can choose from three? Whether it's the earthy embrace of Sanremo Oak or a contrasting duo like White Front and Walnut Carcass, Abigail adapts to your palette preference with the ease of a chameleon on a canvas.

Internally Organised

Inside this 1.8m sliding wardrobe, versatility reigns. Adjustable hanging rails and shelves await to house your garb and gadgets. Reconfigure at will—the interior of the Abigail is your wardrobe wonderland, where clutter turns into curated collections.

A Large Sliding Wardrobe Fit for Any Room

The Abigail 1.8m Sliding Wardrobe doesn't just fit into various room situations; rather, it tends to elevate them. Its adaptable design and colour options ensure that no matter where it stands, it feels like it was meant to be there all along.

Embrace the silent sentinel that is the Abigail 1.8m Sliding Wardrobe, and let your room speak volumes of your style without ever uttering a word.

Dimensions and Details

Dimensions 180 × 65 × 223 cm
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Wardrobe type

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