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Aster Stone Sideboard


Aster Stone Sideboard

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  • 160 W x 40 D x 85 H cm
  • Contemporary Class: The Aster Stone Sideboard brings a breath of contemporary air to any living space or dining room with its sophisticated walnut veneer and sleek lines.
  • Resilient Refined Top: Crowned with sintered stone, this sideboard is about lasting elegance as much as it is about the looks, designed for the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  • Seamless Storage Savvy: With adjustable door hinges, soft-close doors, and a push-to-open mechanism, this sideboard coddles your crockery and cutlery in a cocoon of modern practicality.
  • Harmonious Home Ensemble: As a key piece of a full dining and occasional collection, this sideboard is your ticket to a home that sings in stylish sync from room to room.
  • Aster Range Royalty: Part of the Aster collection, this sideboard stands as a proud piece of the family, offering a coordinated look that’s as harmonious as it is elegant.

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The Aster Stone Sideboard: A Portrait of Poise and Practicality

Step into the realm of refined taste with the Aster Stone Sideboard, a beacon of contemporary design crafted to elevate the style quotient of your home. This striking stone sideboard is the silent butler of your dining space, cloaked in the rich, warm hues of walnut veneer, ready to serve up a hefty helping of sophistication.

A stone table top that talks tough

The pièce de résistance? A sintered stone top that's as hardy as it is heavenly. Known for its resilience, this surface serves as a steadfast companion for all your feasts and fancies. This is where elegance meets endurance, ensuring that your style statement withstands the test of time and teacups.

Storage with a soft touch

Beneath its robust top, the Aster Stone Sideboard whispers of a storage solution so seamless, it's almost magical. Adjustable door hinges that cater to your whims, soft-close doors that shut with a silent sigh, and a push-to-open mechanism that's as gentle as a tap dancer's step. Here, your treasures find a home wrapped in modern practicality.

A symphony of style

As part of a grander collection, this stone sideboard invites you to orchestrate a home aesthetic that sings of harmonious luxury. It’s an invitation to compose a living space that's as seamless as it is stylish, a space where every piece, every note, plays its part to perfection.

The aristocrat of the Aster range

Proudly part of the Aster range, this sideboard is a cornerstone of your home's narrative, a story of style, substance, and serenity that promises to enchant for years to come.

In the gallery of furniture, the Aster Stone Sideboard is the masterpiece that draws all eyes, a testament to the art of living and the living of art.

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Weight 93 kg
Dimensions 160 × 40 × 85 cm
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