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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Which Bedroom Mirror is the Fairest of Them All?

Never underestimate the power of a great bedroom mirror; it will elevate your space in an instant, create the illusion of a larger area, and illuminate and showcase your favourite design features. Mirrors also provide a great way to reflect your personal taste and style, and their eye-catching elegance makes them an ideal choice when you are looking to create a beautiful boudoir.

A great bedroom mirror will work to enhance both natural and artificial light, therefore adding an element of whimsical charm to any room that it adorns. And depending on your requirements, they can work as a main statement piece, or they can be purely functional.

In this blog post, we will consider the importance of choosing the right bedroom mirror for your home and the different styles available. We will also offer plenty of tips to help you find the ‘fairest of them all’ when it comes to selecting the perfect mirror for your bedroom.

The importance of mirrors in a bedroom

A mirror will also help to add balance and symmetry to the space and make it feel airier and lighter.

The function of a mirror in a bedroom will go far beyond the simple act of checking your appearance; they will help to create an ambience and elevate the look and feel of your room, and you can play around with different design shapes and sizes to find the ideal one to match your personal style and taste.


vanity bedroom mirror

A strategically placed bedroom mirror will add harmony and balance to the overall design flow of a bedroom. They will also make your space more visually interesting, as they create a more engaging and dynamic aesthetic.

The addition of a bedroom mirror will work extremely well if you are tight on space, such as in box rooms or smaller bedrooms. As they reflect light, they will create the illusion of a larger space, and they will add an instant pop of light and energy when placed in a dark corner.

By cleverly staging a mirror, you will reap the benefits of this popular design staple. A gorgeous mirror will also serve to highlight the favourite features in your room, such as artwork, a rug, pictures, or sculptures, and they will work wonderfully when placed opposite a picturesque window, as they will reflect the view and help to bring the outdoors in.

Types and styles of mirrors

There are a huge variety of types of stylish bedroom mirrors to choose from, and the style you choose will depend on your personal taste and existing décor.

bedroom mirror wall

Types of bedroom mirrors

There are a number of different types of bedroom mirrors that can give your interiors that extra dash of panache. Let’s take a look…

Wall mirrors

Wall mirrors work perfectly in a bedroom as they open the space and add flair to the room. They come in an array of shapes and styles, and they suit a variety of décor themes.

Full-length mirrors

Full-length mirrors, also known as floor mirrors, can be freestanding, where they lean against a wall, or they can be mounted on the wall or the bedroom door. A full-length wall mirror is ideal for checking out your latest outfit from head to toe, or for observing your full image from different angles. As they are full-length, they reflect even more light into the room, therefore creating the illusion of a larger space.


Large freestanding mirror against white wall and next to window.

Dressing table mirrors

Dressing table mirrors are smaller mirrors that are designed to fit on top of a dressing table. They can be found in a variety of styles, from classical to modern, and they are ideal for applying make-up, doing your hair, and general grooming. They come in one, two, or three panels, and they add a functional and fabulous design flair to any bedroom.

Accent mirrors

You can get creative with your space by adding an accent mirror or a collage of mirrors to your bedroom wall. This will liven up the space and add a bespoke feature to your bedroom. A montage of different-sized mirrors will add light, depth, and a stunning feature all in one go.

Wardrobe mirrors

Wardrobe mirrors are a great way to double up on both function and style. They work wonderfully in smaller bedrooms, and they help to create an air of sleek sophistication in a variety of bedrooms, no matter what the design style is.


wardrobe mirror

Oversized mirrors

 The addition of an oversized mirror to your bedroom will instantly make the room feel larger. They are often placed on a wall opposite a window or on a wall opposite the bed. This creates a sense of space and light and adds a sense of energy to the bedroom.

Cheval mirrors

A cheval mirror is a freestanding and adjustable full-length mirror. It can tilt in its frame, and it provides different angles, which is ideal for checking out your reflection from a variety of viewpoints.

Pivot mirrors

Pivot mirrors can swing or pivot from side to side; they are usually found on a dressing table, and they are ideal for looking at your hair and face from different angles.

Mirrored furniture

There are a huge variety of gorgeous, mirrored furniture options on the market that provide an instant touch of glamour to any space. Bedroom lockers, side tables, and mirrored wardrobes all help to liven up a space as they reflect light and energy around the room.


Styles of bedroom mirrors

modern bedroom mirror
  • Modern and contemporary: Modern bedroom mirrors are sleek in design. They have clean lines and minimalist surfaces and frames, and they often come in a variety of geometric shapes.
  • Vintage and antique: Vintage and antique bedroom mirrors are found in a variety of retro and shabby-chic designs. They vary in shape, from oval to ornate, and they often have a weathered or distressed look that gives them a sense of history and charm.


Decorative cluster feature mirror with copper finish against green wall and matching table and decor.
  • Industrial mirrors: Industrial-style bedroom mirrors come in an array of shapes, and they often feature metal frames and modern rivet details.
  • Rustic and farmhouse: Usually simple in style, a rustic or farmhouse bedroom mirror usually features wooden frames and simple, straightforward designs.
  • Glamorous: Glam bedroom mirrors come in a multitude of gorgeous styles and include features such as crystal or mirrored tiles, light bulb features, ornate finishes, and shiny details.
  • Bohemian: Bohemian bedroom mirrors feature bespoke, ornate designs and shapes, and are decorated with materials such as beads, fringe, rattan, metal, and straw.
  • Scandinavian: Scandi-style bedroom mirrors typically feature simple, clean lines, white frames, and a natural and functional design.

How to choose and position the perfect bedroom mirror

Mirrors come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, and no matter what type you choose, they will instantly add a touch of va-va-voom to your space.

hollywood mirror

Considerations when choosing & positioning the perfect bedroom mirror

  • Size: Consider the size of the mirror in relation to your room. A smaller mirror can be used to add a subtle feature, or to showcase and complement other design elements. A larger mirror will serve as the focal point of the room and make a dramatic statement. If you have a smaller room, consider a larger mirror to help create a sense of space. Alternatively, if you have a larger bedroom, you can experiment with a wide range of mirrors, from freestanding to a collage of mirrored wall art.
  • Place it correctly: Bedroom Mirrors should be hung at a comfortable viewing height. In general, the centre of the mirror should be at eye level, and it should be placed in a position that is practical for everyday use.
  • Positioning: When it comes to positioning your bedroom mirror, you should place it in an area where it can reflect the best features of your room. For example, hang the mirror opposite a beautiful light fixture or behind a lampshade; this will help to radiate light throughout the room. If you place a mirror at an unexpected angle or in an unconventional location, it will add depth to the overall design of your room.
  • Avoid clutter reflections: Avoid positioning mirrors opposite areas with potential clutter, such as a laundry basket or a cluttered tabletop, as this will defeat the purpose of creating a serene space.
  • Safety: If you are hanging your bedroom mirror, ensure that the wall can take the weight of the mirror, especially for larger options. Always use proper hangers and supports to keep it secure.
  • Style statement: If you would like to create an element of drama, or if you want your mirror to act as a design feature, you may opt to place a large freestanding mirror at a slight angle against a wall or you may opt to hang several mirrors in different sizes on the wall as an attractive accent feature. Some bedrooms have an alcove, and you can fill this space with mirrors to reflect additional light. If you are using a mirror as a headboard, then select one that is the same width or wider than the bed. You may also consider the frame of your mirror, as it will have an impact on the atmosphere it generates.
selecting a mirror
By selecting a decadent and individual mirror for your bedroom, you are investing in a long-lasting accessory piece that will serve you well for many years to come. A magnificent bedroom mirror will never go out of style, and it will make a significant impact in any bedroom in your home. For these reasons, make sure to choose a mirror that you love. After all, you will be reflecting in it for the foreseeable future.

Nicola O'Sullivan

Nicola O’Sullivan

Nicola O’Sullivan holds the position of PR Manager and Interior Design Writer at Corcoran’s Furniture, where she applies her sharp eye for interior design. She is in the process of earning a diploma from the globally recognised Interior Design Institute, further enhancing her expertise in the field.

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